School trips are one of those moments that mark a lifetime. For children, it is sometimes the first trip without their parents and, as a result, stress is often the order of the day. Whether the trip is to the mountains, the sea, the countryside or a foreign country, it is important to adopt certain reflexes to prepare for the first school trip to come. Moments that will encourage exchanges and remove the fears of the little traveller. Not forgetting the equipment that will help him or her have a pleasant stay.

Packing together and asking questions

As a general rule, the school or college provides a complete list of things to put in the suitcase, which simplifies the task of being sure not to forget the number of outfits, rainwear, pyjamas, swimsuit and towel, without forgetting the cuddly toy for the youngest. It is however very important that the suitcase is packed together, not only to avoid forgetting anything, but also to encourage discussion and to remove any fears. If the child is enthusiastic, there is no need to bring up subjects that could cause anxiety, but if there is a certain amount of hesitation, then the moment when the suitcase is packed is ideal for discussing and reassuring the child.

It is important to ask the right question(s) to start the discussion, so that the child can in turn ask all the questions about the trip. In his answers, the parent always makes sure to reassure him by reminding him that he is not going alone and that the teaching team is available at any time if needed. This is also the time to evaluate the child's autonomy: for example, we take advantage of this to teach him how to fold his things correctly and we make sure he is capable of doing everyday things alone, such as washing his hair.

Mobile phone, camera: what about these items?

As far as mobile phones are concerned, and even if the law forbids their use in schools and colleges, it should be remembered that it also provides for circumstances in which their use by pupils is authorised. This may be the case for school trips. The best thing to do is to get in touch with the teaching staff to find out what decisions have been taken for the trip. For parents, it is reassuring to know that their child can contact them at any time in case of a problem, such as receiving a text message at the end of the day to say that everything is fine. If the use of a mobile phone is allowed for certain occasions during the school trip, then it is time to subscribe to a mobile phone package without commitment with an operator. There are some very interesting offers that guarantee unlimited calls and text messages and several gigs of Internet browsing.

School trips, like any other trip, are also a good opportunity to take beautiful pictures. And it's certain that schoolchildren will want to show their friends and family everything they saw during their stay. So, always in accordance with the school rules, don't forget to slip a small camera into the suitcase to immortalize the landscapes and the joyful moments experienced with friends.

Suggest keeping a travel diary

It may already be planned by the educational team, but if not, don't hesitate to suggest that your child keep a travel diary. They can then take advantage of certain moments during the day to write down what they have seen and experienced. He can also stick objects related to the trip such as a ticket to a museum, tree leaves, grains of sand and anything else that will please him.

The travel journal will also help him remember all the experiences he had during the trip. A good tip is to offer them a special evening on their return to read the travel journal, look at the photos and make a souvenir album.