Summer is coming to an end and it's the perfect time to organize a moment to view your vacation photos. Some of them are so beautiful that they deserve to be displayed on the walls of your home! Today, it is possible to print travel photos in many formats and on many media, making them a key element of interior design. In addition to remembering sweet moments day after day, it is also an opportunity to impress guests with your artistic talent.

Travel photos to print in various formats

Photography is a practice that has been democratized and an essential activity during travel. But we still tend to keep our holiday photos in the library of the phone, on the computer or on an external hard drive. However, smartphones and other digital cameras produce such good quality images that it would be a shame not to display some of them around the house. Withphoto printing, you can print them on paper in a standard format, the kind that nostalgic people are sure to love. You can then hang them on the fridge or frame them to put them on a chest of drawers or on the wall.

But beyond the classic format, the one we all know and that takes us back a few years, it is also possible to print a photo poster, with a format that can go up to 150 x 225 cm! This is a great opportunity to enlarge the most beautiful photos and make them a key element of interior decoration, on the walls of the living room, in the bedroom or even in the hallway.

Different supports to play with styles and satisfy all desires

The printing of travel photos can be done in various formats to create pictures of all sizes. But it is also possible to choose the medium that best suits your desires and that best matches the style of the interior. Once you have chosen the style of paper (digital satin, glossy, matte, pearlescent, etc.), it is time to choose between the traditional frame and the other models available. Photo on canvas, photo under plexiglass, photo on wood, on foam board, on aluminium-dibond, wooden poster holder, the proposals are wide. It's up to you to choose the style that appeals to you.

You don't have to hesitate to be original by choosing the polyptych or the hexxas format, i.e. the same photo cut into several small hexagons. And if you want to group several photos by theme, you can also create an elegant jumble. Natural landscapes, urban landscapes, cultural events or even local food, everything is possible.

Finally, let's not forget that the printing of travel photos, which appeals largely to those who want to create beautiful frames for wall decoration, can also be used to create useful everyday objects. A calendar, a bookmark, a cover for the smartphone, a mug, a puzzle, a cushion or even a fabric bag, all occasions are good to highlight travel photos that deserve to be admired by the greatest number, but also to create personalized and unique gifts.

In addition, creating a photo frame, poster or other object of your choice could not be easier. All you have to do is log on to the specialised site and let yourself be guided. The process is 100% online and you receive the object(s) directly at home