For families with a mentally or psychologically handicapped person, a multi-handicapped person or an autistic person, going on holiday is not always easy. Indeed, it is necessary to find accommodation and activities adapted to the person's disability. In addition, carers also need to take some time out to themselves and take a breather so as not to become exhausted. As a result, some families choose to stay at home, for simplicity. It is in the spirit of offering holidays to all types of holidaymakers that Ufcv, a major player in adapted holidays for over forty years, and VVF, a specialist in family holidays in villages, have joined forces to offer the Evasion Handicap Famille scheme. Evasion Handicap Famille is 20 holiday destinations throughout France, by the sea, in the countryside and in the mountains, where carers and people with disabilities can enjoy an adapted and ideal setting for a memorable holiday in the summer of 2021

Why do some families give up on holidays?

It is a reality that families who are confronted with a disability may have to give up their holidays. They generally do so for the following reasons: difficulty in finding suitable accommodation, in organising the child's care, in finding time to breathe and be available for the rest of the siblings. There is also a strong apprehension concerning the refusal of their child to take part in certain activities offered on site, etc.

In France, many holiday facilities still do not meet all the conditions necessary to welcome all the members of a family, and this is what leads some to prefer to stay at home.

Evasion Handicap Famille, services adapted to carers and people with disabilities

Because, as we have seen, it is not easy for families to find accommodation and activities adapted to people with disabilities, Évasion Handicap Famille is a system that has been created to simplify the organisation of holidays during the summer. How does it work? Families with a member aged between 10 and 30 who is mentally or psychologically handicapped, has multiple disabilities or suffers from autism, can join a holiday village where everything is set up to ensure a peaceful stay.

This includes accommodation in a bungalow adapted to the daily life of people with disabilities, hygiene, sleeping time and the organisation of care. The destinations are divided according to the three types of disability, so that the people accommodated have equivalent support needs. Thus, the apprehension of the other's gaze disappears, and the families can meet, exchange, share their experiences, create links and advise each other. Life is then organized as in any holiday village. On site, families have access to the facilities and activities of the holiday villages, and in addition, secure and expert care is provided 5 days a week in a dedicated area. Small groups of three people with a disability, supervised by qualified and experienced leaders, are offered. The participants benefit from all kinds of activities: motor skills, crafts, family outings, musical entertainment and other inclusive activities. The proposals are diversified and take into account the needs of young people (and adults) confronted with disabilities.

The objective is simple: that everyone has the right to holidays and all that makes them so charming, by settling in an adapted collective structure. Strolls in the holiday village, outings, activities on site, interaction between holidaymakers, all the conditions are met so that everyone has a good time. Another important point is that during the activities and outings, the parents are supported by professionals, so it is easier for them to devote themselves to the other members of the family. And because parents are also entitled to a break, they can take time out for themselves to visit or to take advantage of the facilities and activities offered by the holiday village (swimming pool, petanque pitch, bicycles, etc.) while their child is taking part in a small group activity.

Several destinations available, for all tastes!

This is another positive point of the Evasion Handicap Famille scheme, that of being able to go to a holiday destination in line with the preferred environment and the interests of each family.

For children with a mental or psychological disability, it is possible to go to Brittany and its wild coastline, to the banks of the Dordogne for a gastronomic holiday, and to the Vosges to stroll through its green and hilly countryside. Families who have a member with an autism spectrum disorder also appreciate the multitude of possible destinations, from the southern Vercors, with its mountain pastures and turquoise waterways, to the slopes of the Jura or the beautiful sunny pebble beaches of the Normandy coast. Finally, people with multiple disabilities, who need constant close accompaniment, will enjoy contemplating the hilly country valleys surrounding Montagnac, while those who like to spend time at the beach will go to the fascinating beaches of Étretat or those accessible from Guérande.

How to benefit from the scheme?

To benefit from this exceptional scheme, which is open to families where one of the members is disabled, the procedure is very simple. All you have to do is go to the website and consult the different destinations available, which are divided according to the different types of disability. Once you have chosen your destination, whether it is the sea, the mountains or the countryside, all you have to do is make your request on the page. In case of doubt or need for information, it is possible to contact an advisor by phone. The professional will then propose an assessment of the needs of the person's family and the most appropriate destinations. Once these steps have been completed, families are guided through to the booking of the stay