Everyone knows that getting a passport can be very time-consuming, as it depends on the number of applications collected at the town hall. If the passage to the Town Hall is inevitable to be delivered the one which remains an essential document to be able to travel in many countries, it is necessary to know that it is from now on possible to simplify the steps taking place before the appointment in the offices. How can this be done? Quite simply by carrying out certain steps directly online, from the comfort of your home!

Why apply for a passport online?

It's no secret that applying for a biometric passport can be a bit of a struggle. It can take a very long time to obtain the precious booklet, up to more than two months in some communes! However, passports are still required for travel to many destinations around the world, and many people who are planning a trip tend to go too late, either to obtain a first passport or to renew it. Unfortunately, the introduction of the ANTS system has not shortened the timeframe, and that is why it is smart to look for another alternative to get one's passport sooner.

Online passport applications can now be made through a private service that is totally independent of the administration, and that is a small revolution for travellers. The principle is simple, the applicant goes to the website dedicated to the service to make a pre-application, in a very intuitive way from a computer or a tablet. A visit to the town hall remains mandatory to finalize the process and receive the document, but the pre-application is an essential step to gather the requested elements, create the file and pay the mandatory tax stamp, thanks to a secure online payment.

As with other documents essential for travel, such as a vehicle registration document or an identity card, online pre-application or pre-application is the best way to save time and shorten the time it takes to obtain the documents. No more need to make several return trips to administrations and no more wasting time parking and queuing. It also avoids the risk of having to come back again and again because some paper is missing. In fact, the online passport application accurately indicates all the supporting documents needed to process the file, according to the applicant's profile.

How do I apply for a passport online?

You don't need to be a computer expert to apply for a passport online and travel peacefully to the destination of your choice! Simply go to the dedicated service website, enter the various fields relating to identity, physical characteristics, address, parents' identity, etc. and click on the "Apply" button. Then comes the time to pay the amount of the tax stamp, simply by using the credit card.

Once this is done, which takes no more than five minutes, the application is checked and processed, and the pre-application arrives in the mailbox within 48 hours!

The second step is to make an appointment at the town hall. The good news is that if the wait is long at the nearest town hall, it is possible to go to another establishment. The online tool offers the possibility of consulting the addresses of the town halls with the shortest waiting times, all in just a few clicks.

Once an appointment has been made, all you have to do is go to the location at the right time, then transmit the file number and QR code entered on the pre-application. The officer verifies the documents listed online, scans the photo and takes fingerprints. A passport number is then provided to the applicant. Later, a text message is sent with the date and time to pick up the precious sesame.

First passport application, renewal for theft, loss, damage or expiry of the booklet, all of these steps can be pre-applied for online, and this greatly simplifies the administrative procedures related to travel