Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the concerns of many professionals. This obviously concerns shops, but also, when you think about it, all the sectors that welcome the public and sell products or services. Tourism professionals are therefore of course part of the lot. Accommodation, leisure facilities, modes of transport, everyone can have a great interest in carrying out online surveys, because collecting the opinions of customers allows us to take new directions, improve the proposals, and, in the end, to perpetuate the activity that we offer

Conducting online surveys to show interest in customers

No matter how confident you may be, the best way to take a step back from the activity you offer is still to analyze customer feedback. Whether you work in a hotel, an airport, a restaurant, a travel agency, or a leisure facility, everyone is looking to improve the quality of their services at some point. This may be the result of a drop in attendance or negative feedback we have received face-to-face or read about on social networks.

Conducting an online survey is an interesting solution to collect the opinions of customers after they have been through the structure. First of all, it is extremely practical since the survey is sent by email and clients are free to participate or not. In any case, it's much easier to collect customer opinions online, as they can usually find a time to respond from their smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks.

While many organisations may send out satisfaction surveys, many people are interested in answering them, anxious that professionals can collect positive and complimentary feedback as well as more negative feedback, but which will be a key for them to improve. And the customers also appreciate being attentive to their feelings.

Online surveys for better service quality

Tourism professionals, whether they offer flights by plane, hotel rooms, trekking with a guide in the high mountains or snorkelling activities to meet wildlife and marine life, have a strong interest in conducting online surveys to improve the quality of their services. They can ask all the questions they wish with an online survey, and this can concern the quality of the equipment or the premises (decoration of a hotel room and comfort of the mattress, operation of a quad bike for a trip in the desert...) as well as the human aspect with the welcome, the provision of information and assistance in case of problems.

Sending an online survey to a large list of contacts then makes it possible to analyse the responses, compare opinions, group together identical returns and take concrete measures to improve the company's overall activity.

In a competitive world, and this is particularly true in the tourism and leisure sector, online surveys will help to stand out, both by taking into account the opinions of customers, but also by implementing concrete solutions to improve services, benefits and human relations. Taking care of customer relations is also a very good way of building customer loyalty