No summer without sharing with your loved ones the pleasure of gathering around the barbecue. This small garden equipment is now so popular that it is one of the first purchases of the happy owners of outdoor spaces. But its choice must absolutely be considered, and take into account your constraints and your accommodation. Let's take stock without delay of your possibilities and the different types of barbecues available in this buying guide.

Which barbecue for which use?

In a garden, no constraints. The three main families of barbecues are at your disposal. Gas, charcoal or electric barbecues can therefore accompany you all summer long. Only your personal tastes will be taken into account:

-You wish to cook your meats on a wood fire and enjoy the aroma of this cooking ? The charcoal barbecue is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

-Regular cleaning of your grills and vats doesn't appeal to you? Then you'd better consider the electric or gas barbecue, which is more practical to use.

-Finally, if you are a real chef and you only dream of one thing: mastering the cooking of your grills, you need a gas barbecue.

It's not just homes and gardens that are entitled to enjoy delicious grilling. Apartments are also entitled to their own barbecue, provided that you take your neighbourhood into account and choose an appliance adapted to your constraints. This is precisely the case with the electric barbecue, which can easily be used on a balcony and even indoors. It is the only model to be authorized in buildings since it respects both safety rules (no risk of fire due to ashes or coal escaping from the barbecue, and no risk of gas problems) and the tranquillity of the neighbours. The Tefal BG921812 Easygrill XXL model, sold for 103.69 euros, is a perfect example of this. With its large cooking grill and stand, it allows you to entertain all your friends, but above all to treat them. It is also 100% dismountable, which makes it very easy to store and clean.

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The charcoal barbecue for a respect of traditions

The charcoal barbecue is the most traditional. Recognizable by the aroma it gives off, it is also characterized by its tank made to contain the coal. It is the charcoal that, once ignited, heats the grill and allows the meat to cook. Some charcoal barbecues are on a trolley. The GrillChef 11503 comes with a two-wheeled cart, which allows you to move it around easily. More expensive than an electric model, this type of barbecue (here sold for 149.99 euros) brings a light smoky taste to your meats and has two large spaces to accommodate your grills. It should be noted, however, that the temperature setting is quite long.

Others are fixed or on legs, and are often smaller in size. These are actually nomadic models that can be taken with you on your camping trips, for example. They are also cheaper, like the SunJas model which sells for 29.99 euros.

Finally, barbecues can be used for steam cooking. They are equipped with a lid and possibly a smoke exhaust duct. You should then turn to larger models, such as the Grillchef 11401 barbecue, which costs 199 euros.

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The gas barbecue for even more comfort of use

Also installed on a trolley, the gas barbecue works thanks to burners, which offers you a controlled, homogeneous and precise cooking. Here, the temperature rises fairly quickly thanks to the presence of a propane or butane gas bottle, depending on the model. A perfect example of this is the Campingaz Xpert 200-litre barbecue, sold for 250.04 euros. This powerful appliance offers you two high-performance burners to simplify your use.

Gas barbecues also have another advantage: thanks to the lid on most models, you can even use it as a convection oven. This is the case with the Bingo 4 gas barbecue, which has both a lid and four burners. It is sold for 497.50 euros. Others, such as the Festa 5 model (179 euros), also have storage cabinets to hide the gas bottles.

As far as cleaning and maintenance is concerned, the gas barbecue is quite practical. Only the burners need to be serviced from time to time, and a simple wipe with a sponge is enough to remove traces and grease residues.

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The electric barbecue, the ally of city dwellers

Smaller in size and requiring only a simple connection to the mains, the electric barbecue is intended more for urban people. It is most often presented on stands, like the Russell Hobbs model 20950-56, sold for 34.99 euros, and is very simple to use. Its size is much smaller than a gas or coal barbecue, and it is generally the only one allowed in an apartment.

It consists of a single electric resistance that heats the cooking grill, which results in a rather slow rise in temperature. But thanks to a control knob, it is also easy to control the cooking and the temperature of the appliance. Some models, such as the Aigostar Lava Pro barbecue (sold for 49.99 euros), are also equipped with a tank designed to hold water, thus avoiding the emanation of smoke (forbidden in condominiums) when grease falls on it.

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You're probably looking for a barbecue that's durable and big enough to treat all your guests. So be patient in finding the perfect model, and compare these different cooking systems to see which one is right for you.