As the summer holidays approach, you may be wondering how to get to your holiday destination. Some people prefer to take the plane or train and possibly rent a car on the spot to avoid the fatigue of a long journey. And then there are the car enthusiasts, ready to brave the different reliefs and landscapes to reach their campsite or rental car and thus keep their autonomy once there. Yes! Lost in the middle of fields or mountains, the car remains practical for refuelling and visiting the main sites of interest. Before putting the suitcases in the car, it is advisable to take stock of all the documents to have with you, in order to avoid any problem in case of control or even in case of accident. Some are compulsory, others optional. Let us make a point.

Documents relating to the car

The first category of documents you should carry with you: the on-board documents. The first of these is the vehicle registration document, also known as the registration certificate. This is the document that is issued after applying for registration of the vehicle, which used to be done at the prefecture, but is now paperless. The car registration document is in a way the identity card of the vehicle and is systematically requested in the event of a check by the police. Please note that people who have purchased a second-hand vehicle must have changed the holder of the vehicle registration document before setting off on holiday. Although it is not forbidden to drive with a locked vehicle registration document in France, the driver still has a maximum of 30 days to update it via the Internet. Moreover, driving with a closed vehicle registration document outside the French borders is prohibited. Rather than taking an unnecessary risk, it is better to anticipate and leave with peace of mind. The time to get an updated registration certificate is also very short

The second document you must carry with you is the insurance certificate, also known as a Green Card. It complements the sticker on the windscreen and even serves as proof when it is removed. And since we're talking about car insurance, check with your insurance company before leaving, whether you're going to France or Europe, travelling long distances requires good guarantees. Finally, if the car is at least four years old, it is compulsory to have the technical inspection certification with you. It is also part of the papers that you will be asked for in the event of a police check. And at the time of the big departures, the controls are frequent!

Documents concerning the driver

This may seem a little logical and even if it is rare to go on holiday without your papers, it is still useful to remember that you should always carry your identity card with you. Here too, remember to check that it is not out of date, it is always more comfortable to travel with up-to-date papers

And then, of course, you should mention the document that the police may be most interested in in the event of a check-up or accident: the driving licence. It is strictly forbidden to drive without a driver's license, as with the documents mentioned above, one is exposed to fines and even problems with the law if one does not comply with the rules, so it is better to check twice before leaving that you have everything with you in a pocket

Optional documents

There is a third category of documents, which, although optional, are still very practical when you go on holiday by car. First of all, there is the blank accident certificate or accident report. Yes, due to a lack of attention or because you drive a little too abruptly, you may cause or be the victim of an accident. In this case, it is important that the drivers of each car fill out both parts, which they must then send to their car insurer within five days. It is important to do this so that insurers can quickly settle the claim. As far as the insurer is concerned, it is also recommended that you have your contact information with you. In the event of an accident and for all those who have taken out breakdown insurance, this is the best way to have the car quickly recovered and taken to a garage, or even to have a car loaned to them while it is being repaired

Of course, it must be specified that you must be in possession of the originals of the on-board documents and those concerning the driver. Copies can be kept at home, but on vacation, it is obligatory to have the moose with you. Finally, avoid leaving documents in the car when you are away for a long period of time, as theft is also one of the inconveniences that you should avoid at all costs when you leave on holiday.