Cruising appeals to many travellers who wish to explore the rivers, lakes and seas of the world and enjoy an experience that breaks away from ordinary shore holidays for good. There is no need to board a large ocean liner to experience the joys of this atypical holiday, because today, the rental of a boat in the smallest format, but which remains a real floating home, is accessible to families and groups of friends who wish to enjoy a more intimate setting. Short of ideas for the next escapades? It's time to get in the shoes of a sailor and cast off

A wide choice of boats for unique experiences

Boat rental offers many possibilities. A sailboat, for example, is a perfect craft when you want to sail from island to island and you like to let the winds carry you. A stay aboard a catamaran with family or friends is an ideal option to enjoy anchorages in crystal clear waters. Often equipped with relaxation areas such as a trampoline or benches, tanning and swimming sessions are alternated. The motorboat, also known as a speedboat, is a wise choice to start sailing. They are easy to manoeuvre, smaller in size and recommended for a first experience at sea. To begin with, why not also turn to barge rental? By using river canals, navigation appears more reassuring and it is a good way to get used to navigation before setting off to explore other horizons. And then, for larger budgets, there is the possibility of renting a yacht. For a professional or leisure stay, these are luxurious boats, with on board equipment worthy of any top-of-the-range stay

What all these boats have in common is that they are real floating houses. That is to say that on board, you will find everything you need for your daily life. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, space to eat, you just have to put down your suitcases, and to be prepared for food or to refuel during the stopovers on land. Another alternative is to choose a crewed cruise. Navigation and meal preparation can then be carried out by qualified personnel, and for the travellers, all they have to do is enjoy every moment. It should also be remembered that, depending on the boat chosen, it may be necessary to have a navigation certificate. This is something to be considered carefully, and you have to find out more about it. Barge and motorboat below 6hp for example, do not require a licence. Boat rental is therefore accessible to a very wide public

Destinations around the world

This is another important point of boat rental: the possibility to sail in different parts of the world. Starting with the rivers, synonymous with gentleness, slow tourism and also a touch of security for beginners, the possibilities are wide. In France, for example, the river network is dense and one can explore the Canal du Midi, Burgundy, Charente or Alsace and juggle between time on the water and the discovery of local heritage. To vary the pleasures, you can also discover beautiful European cities by boat, such as London along the Thames, or Prague along the Vlata. Unless there is a lake in Switzerland surrounded by mountains that calls for those who like very calm waters. To the north, the Göta Canal leads you along the treasures of southern Sweden, and the Finnish Lake District offers moments in harmony with the water and the pine and spruce forests. A region that inevitably seduces fishing lovers

And since we're talking about boat hire, it certainly evokes for some people the warm, clear waters and the most beautiful lagoons and creeks in the world. Aboard a sailboat or a catamaran, sailing from island to island in Greece, the West Indies or the Maldives is a dream come true for travellers who want nothing more than to enjoy the sun, diving sessions and the most beautiful anchorages in the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean