Cruising is a way of discovering the world that appeals to a large number of travelers. What a pleasure to be welcomed on board a boat and to find all the comfort which one can dream for a travelling stay. Oceania Cruises proposes a multitude of cruises everywhere in the world. Do you want to sail through the Mediterranean, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe or North America, to stop from port to port and to enjoy an incredible experience on board ? The world's first destination-focused cruise line does everything it can to make sure everyone has a delicious time. And that includes special fare offers including discounts and various amenities. It's time to choose the destination of your dreams, embark, let yourself go and above all... enjoy moments that will leave a lasting impression!

Quality services, an inimitable stay on board !

Oceania Cruises is happy to propose top-of-the-range cruises on board one of its 7 small luxurious ships. Where traveling on big ships can quickly generate stress and waiting because of the number of people welcomed, their capacity is here included between 648 and 1 238 passengers. It is between 409 and 776 for the crew members. This high crew/passenger ratio is the guarantee of an ultra-personalized service. Particular importance is given to every detail in order to guarantee a high level of comfort. And this goes as far as the choice of pillow for peaceful nights! A question, a problem during your stay? A member of the crew is always available to answer and propose solutions.

All the boats have a decoration and atmosphere that is both chic and relaxed. The design has been carefully considered to replicate residential-style spaces. In the cabins, suites and common areas, the integration of artworks gives the feeling of walking through the aisles of a museum. In the private areas, the bed linens, furniture, fixtures and other bathroom products exude elegance and refinement.

One of the particularities ofOceania Cruises is the attention given to the cuisine on board its ships. Enjoy The Finest Cuisine at Sea. From the starter to the dessert, the team in charge of the gastronomy selects the best artisanal products from all over the world. The cuisine is based on fresh and seasonal products. Italian-inspired recipes, seafood, classic grilled meats, the quality of the dishes rivals the best Michelin-starred restaurants on land. The chefs on board are inspired by the great chef Jacques Pépin to create dishes rich in flavor and originality. It's a pure pleasure to join one of the self-service restaurants on each ship.

No matter which ship you sail on, there are several services that contribute to a wonderful stay. You can relax on a chaise lounge and take a dip in the pool. You can then go to the Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center to enjoy a revitalizing massage. Other activities on board include convivial wine tastings, afternoon tea, art workshops and lectures on various topics. After a fine dinner in one of the gourmet restaurants, there's nothing like a lively musical to round off an exciting day.

Offers for an exceptional added value

Oceania Cruises regularly proposes various offers to the travelers. These include a percentage of discount and free services on board. Until June 30, 2022, the OLife Ultimate offer on the 2022 travel collection allows to benefit from 15% discount on all the presented trips, as well as 3 free services which are the drinks package, up to 8 shore excursions and a credit to use on board.

The offers are available on the website. They also include tour packages and much more. Please note that booking early will ensure the best availability.

Cruises to discover the whole world

Cruising is a great way to discover different parts of the world. It is simple, there is for all the desires. Oceania Cruises proposes varied itineraries, with more than 450 destinations in the four corners of the planet. Popular destinations, picturesque ports and small seaside villages, the stopovers are the occasion to see all what makes the richness of each place. They also allow time to soak up the atmosphere of each destination, thanks to overnight stays and extended stays in many ports. Life on board is complemented by time on land where you can contemplate the local architecture, visit a monument or a museum, taste the culinary specialties or discover the surrounding nature.

The itineraries range from 7 to over 200 days. On the one hand, there are the sun-drenched cruises that lead to the most charming ports of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the South Pacific. There are also special cruises for those who love the North. Cruising in the fjords of Northern Europe, in Alaska or from Greenland to Iceland, there is plenty to satisfy those who wish to get closer to the whales and explore landscapes full of mystery. Do you want to go on a world cruise? It is also possible!

To make a cruise by choosing Oceania Cruises, it is to make the choice of a company which aims at the excellence. By allowing to travel on small luxurious ships at a pleasant rhythm. The tariff includes the air tickets, the restaurants with theme, several types of drinks, etc. Reservations are simply made online in a few clicks and of course, advisors are available to inform travelers about the trips and offers.

More information on the Oceania Cruises website as well as on the Facebook and Instagram pages, or contact your travel agent.