The airlines, hotel booking sites and car rental sites that we use to organize our trips rely on the location of customers to set rates, thanks to the IP address. Rates that vary according to supply and demand. Since customers from different countries cannot allocate the same budget for booking a plane ticket or a night in a hotel, companies and establishments set up several price grids depending on the country from which the reservation is made. Consequently, to pay a cheaper hotel in Tokyo for example, it is interesting to use a VPN and to geolocalize in several countries. This allows first to compare prices from various places in the world, then to choose the most attractive to save money. Explanations.

How to take advantage of this tip for your next trip?

Let's take the example of booking a hotel night in Tokyo from Paris for a next trip.

A VPN is a software to download on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and for which you subscribe. It allows you to change your geographical location in one click, and therefore to replace your original IP address with a local one. Thanks to this tool, travellers can geolocate themselves in several countries and compare prices for a night's stay in the same hotel in Tokyo. Indeed, by locating in Paris, Tokyo or Istanbul, one discovers that the rates offered for accommodation differ. Once you have found the best price, all you have to do is make your reservation.

In France, one of the most used VPN is NordVPN, which also has a 30-day trial period. Regarding the price of the subscription, it is however possible to compare the different offers by consulting the comparison of the best VPN.

Using a VPN is not difficult. Once the software is downloaded, you just have to select the country in which you want to simulate a connection, and then go to the hotel reservation sites, or airlines, to find out the rates. The idea is to simulate a connection from various countries to compare prices and find the most interesting.

Why do prices vary so much from one country to another?

The prices of airline tickets and hotel nights vary primarily according to supply and demand. When there is a lot of demand in a given country, prices will tend to go up. Conversely, if you are located in a country where there is less demand, the rates will be lower. Similarly, the prices of airlines and hotels are not the same depending on the country of purchase because they take into account the following elements to determine them: the average income of the country, the profile of the buyers and the chosen currency. Logically, the rates will be lower in countries with a lower standard of living.

It is also important to know that transport companies and hotels practice what is called Yield Management, which consists in increasing the rates when you visit the same site several times. The use of a VPN transforms the person who is surfing on the Internet into a new customer at each new visit. It therefore allows to circumvent this practice. The same is true for cookies, these data files created by websites and stored by the web browser. The VPN prevents websites from storing data, and therefore from varying prices according to each user's profile.

In conclusion, the use of a VPN, which offers travelers the possibility to geolocate themselves from several places in the world to compare prices of airline tickets or hotel nights, is the most effective solution to make real savings. In addition, still using the VPN, one can compare offers on several sites and at various times of the day, two parameters that also vary the prices