A free, festive and demanding event

organized by the Collectif Vélos en Ville (City Bicycle Collective)

The 11th Fête du Vélo phocéenne, will be free, festive, popular and metropolitan.

This year, for its 11th year, but above all for the 20th anniversary of the collective that created it, the MARSEILLES BIKE FESTIVAL is undergoing some notable changes!

But the background remains the same: the time of convergences will lead us for 10 am to the Pharo Palace from where the great parade will start to mark our presence in the streets of the city.
The crowd will then head towards the François Billoux Park to take advantage of this shady place to celebrate cycling with games and demonstrations as well as numerous stands for food, entertainment and fun.

There are many borders, sometimes too marked, as current events show us, a sign of the lack of solidarity among the richest nations or a sign of the segregation from which certain neighbourhoods suffer, sometimes too little marked like those spaces that should be reserved for soft modes - pedestrians and bicycles - and which are either non-existent or invaded by motorized vehicles.

This year we will celebrate our wish to see these borders change and to do so we will invade the streets of the city, then we will have lunch in the Park to world music tunes.
The Corniche remains and will remain an emblematic place for the Collectif Vélos en Ville, we are keeping it under our elbow for a next edition, hoping that our finances will allow us to do so again.

A three-stroke bike party:

1/ The convergences allow you to come by bike from each district of Marseille to join the start of the parade at the Pharo Palace from 8am to 10am.
2/ The big parade: Join the thousands of cyclists who happily parade along the main boulevards. Rendez-vous at 10 am at the Pharo palace.
3/ Parc en fête, Place for pushchairs, rollerblades and bicycles. Numerous activities are offered from 12:30 pm to 5 pm at the François Billoux park.

All information on: http://feteduvelomarseille.com/

Each participant in the Fête du Vélo takes responsibility: the Collectif Vélos en Ville declines all responsibility in the event of accident, theft or damage.
Website: http://feteduvelomarseille.com/