For the lovers of reading, the Tallandier editions leave you the choice between various works in this month of April which promises to be rich. In "Lady Stanhope, l'amazone du Liban", Laure Dominique Agniel tells us the story of Hester Stanhope, a woman with a taste for adventure who, after venturing to Syria in a caravan under the guise of a man and being raised to the rank of Queen of Palmyra by the tribes, ended up on a mountain in Lebanon where she became an astrologer and a gold digger, while opening her door to the most destitute. This wonderful book tells the story of a woman who loved freedom and fought for emancipation. In "A History of Ireland, 1912 to the Present, Alexandra MacLennan-Slaby looks back at the country's distinctive history: from the 1912 Home Rule project through the conflict with Northern Ireland, institutional disputes and the Brexit negotiations. Throughout the twentieth century,Ireland has never stopped trying to assert itself politically, culturally and economically, and to break away from the United Kingdom. If you are hesitating between these two works, a piece of advice: read them both! More information on the website of Tallandier Editions