In France, the Armenian community represents more than 600,000 French people living in several cities such as Marseille, Nice, Grenoble, Paris and Alfortville. While the current news is telling us about the current conflict in Nagorno Karabakh, where the Armenian people are fighting for their survival against Azerbaijan and Turkey, the beautiful book "Armenia and the Armenians from A to Z", written in four hands by Corinne Zarzavatdjian and her brother Richard Zarzavatdjian, traces the history of this community, in France and abroad, its heritage, its culture, the genocide of 1915, the exodus and its imprint throughout the centuries. In the form of a dictionary, texts and documents combine to make us better acquainted with a country, a people and the deep links that uniteArmenia and France. More information on the website of Gründ Editions