5 thalasso or spa destinations to finish winter in perfect shape!

Winter ends, soon spring and its exits! To attack the new season in full shape, thalassotherapy can boost you. Known since ancient times, this discipline has constantly modernized in order to bring many benefits. Here you will discover the popular destinations that combine tourism and well-being thanks to the marine benefits. A great opportunity to do good while enjoying the places.

N ° 1 - Biarritz: majestic

Nicknamed "the beach of kings", Biarritz has been able to seduce the greatest personalities of the old nobility. Like Sissi the Empress, Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie, everyone will fall under the charm of luxury and refinement. If the city has a beautiful history, it is also an extraordinary meeting point for lovers of natural spaces. You can stroll along the shores of Marion Lake or Mouriscot and do not forget to enjoy the wonderful views available throughout the city to contemplate the ocean. It is in the beauty and benefits of the sea that Biarritz drew its celebrity. With its seawater care, algae, sea sludge and sand, the city is internationally recognized for the quality of its exceptional care.

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N ° 2 - La Baule: destination destination

With its fine sandy beach spread over 9 km seen for many as «the most beautiful beach in Europe», La Baule is an ideal destination to regenerate after winter. Historically, it is the last born of the seaside resorts of the healed peninsula, but the beauty of its bay and its microclimate helped that destination catch up. If crowned heads and many personalities of the show have made their small corner of paradise to recover, it is no coincidence. The well-being ranges are quality and rich in benefits. All of them will be able to follow its inspiration from the day thanks to the numerous massages and scrapping proposed.

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N ° 3 - Aix-les-Bains: the jewel of "Savoy of Lakes"

The benefits of the Aix-les-Bains thermal spa have been known for a long time. The Allobroges in 400 BC had already discovered the benefits of its sources. It is under the Roman impulse that these baths will become famous. Today you can visit the underground galleries of one of these famous thermal baths. Between two treatments, based on water or mud, you will also have to visit the temple of Diane. It is one of the only three temples in France to be fully preserved. It is this Roman heritage that, centuries later, makes Aix-les-Bains a destination of choice for the romantic and a guarantee of quality for the spa enthusiasts. Deep water is so pure that it becomes voluptuous on the skin.

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N ° 4 - Deauville: Relaxation worthy of a movie

Relax in the organizing city of the American Film Festival. You can breathe the Norman iodized air by strolling on Les Planches, the famous seafront promenade lined with colorful umbrellas and cabins named to celebrity names. If you are looking for a green nut to meditate and rejuvenate, the park of the "Domaine des Enclosures" can be a pleasant alternative. Because Deauville will charm you. Thalasso centers offer hydrotherapy treatments to seawater. Here, the ocean is at the center of your relaxation. You can choose between an energy massage or relaxing oils.

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N ° 5 - Hyères-les-Palmiers: rest in the sun

The advantage of an thalasso in Hyères-les-Palmiers is to go to the Mediterranean coast where the level of sunshine is often ideal. In addition, this city of Var enjoys a well-being reputation since antiquity. The Greeks and then the Romans created a famous port town for its thermal baths. The softness of its climate will allow you to offer walks on small trails on the coast where you will cross saline under the watchful eye of pink flamingo. On a sound background from the song of the ciclets and a smell of pines, the relaxing care will give you the form thanks to a wide range of proposals!

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