For a souvenir of an unforgettable holiday with friends, a bachelorette party or a change from the usual family trips, there is nothing better than organizing a trip with girls. Long-time friends, singles, young graduates, office colleagues, sisters or cousins..., any excuse is good to find yourself in an exclusively female environment for a weekend or a few days of relaxation. Far from stress and family obligations, a trip with friends will allow you to break away from your daily routine and relax! This moment can be the ideal opportunity to give way to a change of scenery, to laughter and also to laughter between girlfriends.

An unusual holiday to visit a new destination or a shopping trip with girls in London? Going to a seaside resort in Mauritius in the sun in a holiday club in idleness mode or going on an adventure with friends in Thailand during a tailor-made trip? A festive destination for singles or a cocooning weekend with friends to be pampered during a wellness or Thalasso stay in Spain? A gastronomic getaway to discover the richness of the land of our beautiful regions or a sports outing with colleagues to avoid having to go back to the fitness room right away, but above all to have fun and relax? Go to a music festival, dance until the end of the night and sleep in the adjoining campsite or rest in a beautiful hotel and sunbathe with friends on the many heavenly beaches of Corsica, Zanzibar or Martinique? Le Petit Futé gives you here his best ideas for holidays or weekends with girls. Then all you have to do is choose your destination for your next trip with friends.