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Top 10 most beautiful walks in France with the Decathlon Outdoor application

If you like hiking or biking in the heart of France's landscapes, the new Decathlon Outdoor application is the right tool for you to get a lot of ideas for walks and let yourself be guided step by step. A totally free application to install on your smartphone and which lists more than 15,000 walking routes in the four corners of France and for the whole family. Wherever you are in France, in the countryside, in the mountains, by the sea and even in the city, launch the app and select the nature outing that suits you. The walks are suggested by users, verified by Decathlon and evaluated by the community. Everyone is free to share the nugget of their region! Once launched, the application guides hikers on foot or by bike to the starting point. An arrow and a sound message then guide walkers and cyclists to each intersection. Practical, the guidance is even available without network. So before you go and download the application, here is a selection of 10 walks not to be missed in France with Decathlon Outdoor.

1- Walk along the water at the lake of Settons

When visiting Burgundy, the stroll around the lake of Settons is a must. Located in the heart of the Morvan regional nature park, south of the town of Montsauche-les-Settons, this large artificial lake is surrounded by a green and pleasantly hilly landscape. With the Decathlon Outdoor application, the bike ride allows you to go around the lake with the kids and enjoy incredible views on this rejuvenating site. While in the area in the summer, the Settons lake offers the possibility to stop between two pedaling sessions to have a picnic in the shade of a tree, or to rent a kayak and let yourself go along the water.

2- Sorgues, along the Rhône and in the vineyards

During a vacation in the vicinity of Sorgues, a charming city in the Vaucluse region with a preserved heritage, don't miss the opportunity to take a walk along the banks of the Rhône. The setting is ideal to relax and take advantage of the freshness of the waterways to stop and contemplate nature and hydrate. An ideal bike ride at the gates of Avignon, the walk also allows you to cross prestigious vineyards and to take the plaid out for a picnic in the heart of the vineyards. You will also come across beautiful cities such as Roquemaure and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where you can stop to taste one of the wines

3- Saumur and its banks of the Loire

A pleasant bike ride from the Saumur train station. The application guides cyclists along the banks of the Loire, to enjoy the remarkably preserved natural landscapes of the largest river in France. You just have to let yourself go and observe the biodiversity and the wild islands such as the Ile de Trèves. Before taking a break in the commune of Gennes and leaving again towards Saumur always by following the edges of the river but on the other side, we will have crossed the charming villages of Saumur which are Saint-Martin-de-la-Place and Saint-Clément-des-Levées.

4- Audruicq, between bocages and marshes

We now go to the north of France to launch the application once we arrive in the town ofAudruicq. We then carry out a small loop with bicycle very sympathetic and which places you in the middle of the landscapes of the regional Natural reserve of the Capes and marshes of Opale. The Calais countryside is sublime with its marshes, its forests and its places always ready to reveal their history. Why not stop on the way to play a round of golf at the Ruminghen wood or to visit the museum of the Blockhaus of Eperlecques, a World War II bunker located in the middle of the forest?

5- Brittany, the Caro pond and the Brest harbor

To be done on a mountain bike for a maximum of sensations when passing some rough passages, this ride available in the Decathlon Outdoor application is the promise of a pleasant connection with nature. Starting from Moulin Blanc, we head towards the pond of Caro while varying the panoramas between land and sea and observing the nesting birds. The itinerary includes a stop at Kernizi to enjoy incredible views of the harbor of Brest and places not to be missed such as the Elorn estuary and the beach of Moulin Blanc. A walk that offers the feeling of being at the end of the world and that leads to discover the hamlets located close to the city of Plougastel-Daoulas.

6- The perched village of Aragon and its surroundings

Only a few kilometers north of the city of Carcassonne is the perched village of Aragon, jewel of the massif of Cabarets with its emblematic dry stone space of the rural architecture. We are then at the foot of the bewitching landscapes of the Black Mountain in the Aude. The walk leads on a plateau in the state of scrubland where we breathe the good scents of the lavender, the pine and the thyme. Some passages allow you to rest in the shade of the trees, before going back to Aragon and following the charming stream of Combe Petite, a peaceful place where the beautiful landscapes smell the south of France and the sun

7- Discovery of the fauna in the forest of Signy-l'Abbaye

This hike in the Ardennes is ideal to recharge your lungs with fresh air. The forest of Signy-l'Abbaye, rich in beeches, maples and alders, reveals many interesting sites. Let's mention first of all the mill of Signy, without forgetting the exceptional places of nature which are the chasm of Gibergeon and the pond of Héronnière. The first one is a natural spring of 10 m in diameter with deep turquoise waters, while the second one is a former monastery place that has become a walking area along the water. Ducks, herons and other amphibians can be observed there in complete tranquility.

8- In Brittany, Cromlech of Lorette and the Rigole of Hilvern

A beautiful hike to discover the richness of Brittany from the inside, between nature and heritage. We start from Le Quillio to walk through the woods and the moor with the aim of reaching the tumulus of the hill of Lorette. Heritage lovers will be impressed by the chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame, the Gothic-style fountain of Lorette built in 1874 and THE curiosity of the area: a tumulus mound made up of 28 stones set in a rectangle, the remains of a burial site. The next part of the walk takes place along the Rigole d'Hilvern, a diversion canal that is now a greenway shaded by trees

9- The coasts of Fouras

Direction Charente-Maritime for a walk along the coast of Fouras. We take the road to the Pointe de la Fumée at the northern end of the Anguille peninsula to admire the local fauna and flora while keeping an eye on the sea. On the way, you can also see Fort Enet and discover a part of the history of France by following the last steps of Napoleon on French soil. A loop that will not fail to fascinate sea lovers and history buffs

10- Discover the life of marmots around Mont-Dauphin

This little walk is very pleasant to do with the family in the Hautes-Alpes region. It allows you to explore the surroundings of one of the 12 major Vauban sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO: Mont-Dauphin. The views on the surrounding mountains are simply breathtaking. With the Decathlon Outdoor application as a guide, hikers can enjoy peaceful walks along streams and the famous Marmot Trail. This trail allows you to admire the marmots of Eygliers living in their natural environment and who do not seem to be afraid of humans for a moment

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