During his televised address on July 12, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the health pass to leisure and cultural venues from July 21. These are cinemas, museums, theatres, sports halls, swimming pools and amusement parks, places that gather more than 50 people. At the beginning of August, the exact date has yet to be determined, the health pass will be compulsory to enter bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, a retirement home as well as to take means of transport such as planes, trains and long-distance buses. Please note that public transport, city buses, metro and tramways are not affected by this measure. For a health pass to be valid in France, you must present: a complete vaccination certificate (with one or two doses, depending on the case, and for at least one week), a certificate of immunity proving that you have been infected in the last six months and have been in remission for at least one week, or a negative test less than 48 hours old. Note that the health pass will apply to the 12-17 age group from 30 August. More information on the Echo Touristique website