Michel Messager, a well-known figure in the tourism industry, recently published a book entitled "Le tourisme spatial, 1954-2020" (Space Tourism, 1954-2020), which has been a great success with the public, especially with those who dream of conquering space. It is interesting to learn that for the author, there is no doubt that space tourism is not for decades, but for today! The proof is that 7 tourists have already had the opportunity to go into space and Japanese couples have already signed up for honeymoons. As he says so well in his book which traces the history of space tourism from 1954 to 2020, progress is constant in this field and even ifEurope is still shy on the subject, it is very likely that in the near future, those who wish to do so will be able to spend a night in a space hotel and observe the Earth in its entirety. A prospect of wealth and novelty, but as he also explains in his book, a project that can also be done without ecological consequences. More information on the Quotidien du Tourisme website