The VIDOC-19 crisis is having a major impact on the restaurant industry. A study carried out in November 2020 by the Groupement National des Indépendants hôtellerie et restauration even revealed that the health crisis could lead to the closure of 2 out of 3 restaurants. It is to avoid this disaster and to support professionals that a Lyon-based collective called Les Hauts Parleurs is bringing together many French chefs and chefs around the motto "I don't give up my apron". They have therefore decided to raise funds by creating a solidarity apron 100% made in France and sold via the Ulule participative platform. The price is 35 euros, and the profits are donated to various associations of restaurant owners to help them through the ongoing crisis, but also to prepare for the post-pandemic period. The initiators of the project do not hesitate to knock on the doors of restaurants and brasseries in Paris and the regions to rally people to the cause. They are also joined by professionals from the world of media and sport. The objective is simple: to set up solidarity, to make the profession survive and not to give up one's apron. More information on the Instagram page of the Hauts Parleurs