The Petit Futé weekend event on Sud Radio has adapted to this new period of confinement. We travel thanks to our library and you must have an album of the famous Belgian reporter Tintin! So to which destination will you go? If he lives in Brussels at 26 rue du Labrador, he will of course take us to France to the famous Moulinsart castle which is largely inspired by the Cheverny castle in Sologne. Maybe you have the album that has been the most sold in the world: Tintin in the Americas where we find him in Chicago with Al Capone during the prohibition period. He was also in the south and notably in Peru in the Temple of the Sun. For Africa, it is The Crab with the Golden Claws which is set in the Sahara and Morocco; he will also go to Egypt with The Cigars of the Pharaoh. What about Asia? Of course it is also in the spotlight: in The Blue Lotus, he will go to Shanghai to dismantle an opium traffic but my favourite is undoubtedly the famous Tintin in Tibet where we go to the Himalayas and visit Kathmandu. Beyond, from the roof of the world, Tintin even takes us to the moon. With Objectif Lune and On a marcher sur la lune, we can say that Hergé was a visionary because the album was published in 1954, 11 years before the famous Apollo 11 mission. You can find this chronicle in audio / video with many other anecdotes online by clicking here!