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Stay : One week in Suriname

A week will help you discover the essential places in Suriname. It is strongly recommended to spend 4 to 5 days to visit the interior of the land, all inclusive. The time will be counted for a general idea, and it is better to use tourist providers and book hotels and excursions prior to departure.

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7 days

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Detail of the stay : One week in Suriname - 7 days

  • Paramaribo
  • Paramaribo
  • Paramaribo
  • Parc Naturel Brownsberg
  • Mont Kasikasima
  • Moengo
  • Albina
Day 1: Arrival in Paramaribo

Steps: Paramaribo

Guided tour of the city's historic centre and Fort Zeelandia and its museum. Evening outing to discover the nightlife of the Surinamese capital. Overnight at the hotel or in a guesthouse.

Day 2: Brownsberg Park

Steps: Parc Naturel Brownsberg

Departure for the Brownsberg Nature Park. Stroll, discovery of the primary forest and its fauna in the afternoon. Trails vary in length and level of difficulty. Overnight on site or return to Parbo.

Day 3: Central Suriname

Steps: Mont Kasikasima

Departure for an excursion in the interior of the country to discover the Amazonian forest: excursion by car and canoe to the Central Suriname Reserve, Raleighvallen and Blanche Marie Falls, or departure by plane to Mount Kasikasima for adventure enthusiasts. We will then have to go inland. The change of scenery is there as well as the observation of the surrounding fauna: primates, birds, reptiles.... Nature lovers will be delighted. As a bonus: the discovery of rare and ancient peoples, such as the Black Maroons or the Amerindians. This option requires between 4 and 5 free days and can be expensive due to the full cost of transportation, accommodation, activities and food on site by tour operators.

Day 4: Fauna and flora

Continue your exploration in Suriname Central.

Day 5: In the forest

Continue your exploration in Central Suriname.

Day 6: Amerindian civilizations

Continue your exploration in Suriname Central.

Day 7: Back to Paramaribo

Steps: Moengo, Albina

Outing to observe pink dolphins at sunset. Last dive in one of the hotel pools and relaxation before leaving by plane. If returning by car to French Guiana, make a stop at Moengo, not far from Albina at the border.

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