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  • 3 days
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Group
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Discovery
  • Relaxation / Well-being
  • High

Situated at the crossroads of Switzerland, Germany and France, Basel is a city where the mix of cultures is very much in evidence. Famous for its carnival and numerous fairs, this city will thrill you for a weekend.

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Itinerary of the stay
  • Basel
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Detail of the stay : 3 days in Basel - 3 days

Day 1: Basel and its city centre

In the morning, a walk in the city centre from Marktplatz to the cathedral. You will discover the charm of the small alleys with their historic buildings, the city's idyllic squares and courtyards (Andreasplatz, Rümelinsplatz...) and cross the main places of Basel life. After lunch in the centre, art lovers will be able to visit the (Museum Kunstmuseumof Contemporary Art) and the Museum für Gegenwartskunst (Museum of Contemporary Art). The entrance gives access to both museums, start with the Kunstmuseum and then, before entering the second one (signposted route), you can get your head around the neurons by discovering the magnificent Sankt Alban district. Go up to the old city gate, then go down along the old moat to the docks, let yourself go from alley to alley in what was once the printing district... You are ready to face contemporary art! After the visit, have a drink in the Bar Rouge, at the top of one of Basel's tallest towers.

Day 2: Museums and exteriors in Basel

In the morning, visit the famous Tinguely Museum, then return to the famous Carnival fountain by the same artist, before going on a tour of the Nadelberg and Heuberg shops in the city's historic centre. You will pass an impressive number of art galleries. Have a coffee at Schiesser's, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Marktplatz. In the afternoon, you will leave for Kleinhüningen. After a quick glance at the fascinating hustle and bustle of the industrial port, you will board a boat (for boarding, follow the "Dreiländereck" pedestrian signs) which will take you to Augst, the stop just after the passage of the lock. From there, you will reach the ancient site of Augusta Raurica, discover the sites outdoors and possibly undertake a visit to the museum. Return by train to Basel. When you arrive at the main station, you will have a look at the modern buildings with their remarkable architecture. Don't miss a drink in the trendy little Basel district, where many bars meet before going to dinner in a gourmet restaurant in the centre.

Day 3: Basel arts

Take the tram for the Vitra Museum in Weil am Rhein (German side), the road leading to the design complex is very pleasant. The café is an excellent and very affordable place for lunch. After the visit, follow the contemporary art route "24 stopovers" of open-air sculptures, thanks to the free application to draw a route between fields and vineyards to reach the Beyeler Foundation, a visit to Basel. The walk is beautiful. Return by tram to the centre. Relax in a café on the terrace along the Rhine, and if the heart tells you in the summer, bathe! Try the small creative tables in the Matthäus district.

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