Summary of the stay

  • 8 days
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Solo
  • Friends
  • Group
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Faune and flora
  • Medium

We can't do everything in a week, and that's why we need to focus more on the north for this stay. We will begin by visiting Djibouti city, before leaving the country in alternating coastal and inland lands.

Map, Itinerary of the stay and pictures

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Itinerary of the stay
  • Djibouti
  • Arta
  • Lac Assal
  • Ardoukoba
  • Tadjourah
  • Bankoualé
  • Randa
  • Obock
  • Forêt Du Day
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Detail of the stay : Northern Djibouti - 8 days

Day 1: Visit to Djibouti City

The European district and its streets pulled by line, its terraces of cafés under arcades. The lively, colourful, fragrant market. At the market, the women's clothing and music reflect the diversity of the local population: Afars, Issas, Yemenis, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Indians. Dinner in a Djiboutian, Ethiopian or Yemeni restaurant. Night in Djibouti.

Day 2: Obock, Red Sea outpost

Shuttle to Obock very early in the morning. Visit of this city a little far from everything, typical of the Red Sea, which the French had made their first point of settlement in the region. Excursion to the Godoria mangrove swamp, the most beautiful in the country. Overnight in Obock.

Day 3: Tadjoura the white

Route to Tadjoura with stop to the White Sands, the most beautiful sandy beach of the country. Visit of Tadjoura, the city'to seven mosques ', the old town of caravans. Walk along the seafront with its low, white or colourful houses, in the streets looking for midgan craftsmen. Typical atmosphere of the Red sea cities. Night in Tadjoura.

Day 4: Day in wild nature

Route to Randa, Bankoualé, and hiking in the Goda Mountains to discover small waterfalls, cultivated gardens, tiny mountain villages, the famous palm tree of Bankoualé, of a very present fauna. Night at Randa or Bankoualé, while discovering the life of the premises.

Day 5: Journey in the primary forest of Day

Difficult access, but many possibilities for walks in a forest, a relic of the one that covered North Africa and Arabia 4,000 years ago. Night at Day or Dittilou.

Day 6: Road to Goubet

March on the Ardoukoba volcano, born in 1978 and died one week later, and whose eruption opened a 12 km hole. Black flow of stationary lava, fumaroles. The thickness of the earth's bark is one of the lowest on the planet. Walk along the coast, at the bottom of the Goubet. Night to the rift or Au.

Day 7: Infinite salt range

Early in the morning, walk on the ice floe of Lake Assal, located at -157 m below sea level. Infinite expanse of salt, waters in the whole range of blues. With any luck, you may be able to see a salt caravan leaving. Road to Djibouti overlooking the Goubet. Stop at Arta, a climate station. Return to Djibouti.

Day 8: Day in the Musha and Maskali Islands

Departure around 7 h 30 towards the islands with the choice: mangrove beach and mangrove walk, snorkeling in Maskali or the Air France tag.

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