Summary of the stay

  • 23 days
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Solo
  • Friends
  • Group
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Faune and flora
  • Medium

These three weeks will allow you to explore both ends of Cameroon. Starting from Douala, this tour begins with the cities in the south of the country, passing through the capital and the coast. Then, a flight allows you to reach the north and explore the country in depth, between tradition and culture, history and magnificent landscapes

Provided that access to North Cameroon is allowed.

Map, Itinerary of the stay and pictures

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Itinerary of the stay
  • Douala
  • Nkongsamba
  • Édéa
  • Limbé
  • Buea
  • Bamenda
  • Bafut
  • Bafoussam
  • Bandjoun
  • Banganged
  • Dschang
  • Foumban
  • Yaoundé
  • Kribi
  • Garoua
  • Maroua
  • Pouss
  • Mokolo
  • Rhumsiki
  • Mora
  • Waza National Park
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Detail of the stay : Cameroon from north to south - 23 days

Day 1: From Paris to Douala

Day flight, arrival at the end of the day, reception and transfer to the hotel; free evening.

Day 2: Discovery of, Bay

Arrival in, at the end of the morning, reception at the hotel, on the edge of the ocean. afternoon relaxation on the volcanic sandy beaches of Mile 8 or Mile 11; at the end of the afternoon, excursion to the Lave lava casting; free evening.

Day 3: Escapade Break in Buea

Visit of Buea and small hiking on the slopes of Mount Cameroon; return to, in the afternoon, visit of the botanical garden and/or zoo and end of day at the beach; free evening.

Day 4: The impressive falls of Ekom Nkam

Departure early in the morning, stop in Nkongsamba for lunch, then excursion for the falls of Ekom Nkam; Arrival in Bafoussam late in the day, welcome to the hotel and evening free.

Day 5: From Foumban to Bafoussam

Visit of the UCCAO coffee factory in Bafoussam, then departure, late in the morning, for Foumban; lunch in this city and afternoon devoted to the visit of the palace of the Sultan and its museum, to the visit of the Museum of Arts and Bamouns Traditions and workshops of craftsmen (possibility of shopping); return to Bafoussam at the end of the day and a small excursion to the falls of the Metchié; free evening.

Day 6: Day in Dschang

Departure early in the morning, visit Dschang and stop in its famous climate centre to relax and relax. return to Bafoussam in the afternoon and visit of the Leadership leadership; free evening.

Day 7: Road to Bamenda

Departure of Bafoussam in the morning; arrival in Bamenda early in the afternoon, hotel reception and lunch; visit of the city in the afternoon and evening free.

Day 8: Visit of traditional villages

Early departure early morning of Bamenda for the Ring Road, discovering chiefdoms and villages in the Northwest, including Bafut; late day and evening free.

Day 9: Heading for the capital

Stop in Bangangté for lunch; drive to Yaoundé and arrive in the capital in the late afternoon; welcome to the hotel and free evening.

Day 10: Visit to Yaoundé

Visit of Yaoundé (Mount Fébé, the Palais des Congrès, the monument of reunification, the Museum of Art of Cameroon, the Ahmadou-Ahidjo stadium, the boulevard of 20-May and its official buildings, the Youndé golf club and the time remaining to be spared at Club Noah, etc.); dinner in the evening.

Day 11: Departure for the coast

Departure for Kribiin the morning, via Edéa; arrival in the early afternoon, welcome to the hotel and relaxation on the beach; free evening.

Day 12: Exploration nature and relaxation on the beach

Excursion to the falls of the Lobed in the morning (possibility of taking a bike taxi), walking in a canoe and visiting a village of Pygmies, then tasting roasted shrimp on the beach; afternoon relaxation on the white sandy beach of Grand Batanga, in the shade of coconut trees; back to the hotel late in the day and evening free.

Day 13: Port city of Douala

Departure for Douala via Edea after breakfast or lunch in Edea of shrimps cooked in the oven, arrival in the afternoon and welcome at the hotel; small tour of the city and the port, dinner in the district of Bonapriso.

Day 14: Transfer to the North

Departure for Garoua, in the north, at the end of the morning on an internal flight of Camair-Co; arrival in the afternoon, transfer to the hotel, walk in the city and free evening.

Day 15: From Garoua to Maroua

Departure for Maroua early in the morning; stop at Pitoa, at the exit of Garoua, to admire its market and then route towards the Far North; arrival in Maroua late in the afternoon, welcome to the hotel and evening free.

Day 16: Discovery of local culture

Visit the market and the tanners' district in Marouathe morning, then departure for the fishing village of Maga, by the lake of the same name, and visit the villages of Poussand of Mourlatheir famous mousgoum shell huts; return at Marouathe end of the day and free evening.

Day 17: Waza National Park

Maroua-Waza. Departure from Maroua in early morning; stop at Mora for lunch, small visit of the city and its traditional market and excursion to the Leadership leadership; road for Waza and arrival at the camp of the same name late in the day; evening at the camp, in the heart of the large national park of Waza, the main natural reserve of Cameroon.

Day 18: Observation of wildlife

Good time for a safari in the park, looking for lions, elephants, giraffes and other antelopes; return to camp late in the day.

Day 19: Overview of Local Traditions

Departure early in the morning, stop at the artisan cooperative of Djingliya, shortly after Mora, for lunch and visit a traditional "saré" mafa (possibility of shopping); road by the Col de Koza and its beautiful landscapes, crossing Mokolo and arriving at Rhumsiki camp late in the afternoon; free evening.

Day 20: Hiking in grandiose landscapes

Walk in the morning in Rhumsiki, visit of the artisan centre, the famous sorcerer to the crabs and village of the blacksmiths of Amsa; in the afternoon, excursions to the discovery of the Kapsiki rocky peaks and their lunar landscapes. return to camp at the end of the day and free evening.

Day 21: Market and local crafts

Departure for Maroua in the morning, stop in Mokolo to visit the typical markets of Tourou and Mabas and for lunch; road for Mindif, shortly after Maroua, and visit of the village, its craftsmen and its rocky peak; arrival in Maroua at the end of the day, welcome to the hotel and evening free.

Day 22: Transfer to Douala

Departure for Douala, via Garoua, on an internal flight of Camair-Co; reception at the hotel and end of free day.

Day 23: Last hours in Cameroon

Free day in Douala, possibility to relax at the marina or at the hotel, or shopping in Bonapriso; departure for Paris in the evening, by night flight.

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