Summary of the stay

  • 15 days
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • All audiences
  • Culture / Heritage
  • Discovery
  • Free time
  • Relaxation / Well-being
  • Medium

A journey through northern Italy can quickly take on the air of a pilgrimage, as the heritage of the regions to be visited is rich and varied. Departing from the dynamic Milan, this itinerary will take you first to the west, via Turin, the Cinque Terre and Bologna, then to the east, with the sensual Venice as your final destination

Map, Itinerary of the stay and pictures

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Itinerary of the stay
  • Rome
  • Bosa
  • Genoa
  • Cinque Terre
  • Bologna
  • Ferrara
  • Parme
  • Turin
  • Bellagio
  • Venice
  • Alba
  • Pisa
  • Sulmona
  • Zone
  • Îles Borromées
  • Naples
  • Scala
  • Torcello
  • Verona
  • Rotonda
  • Barolo
  • Padua
  • Burano
  • Santa Maria Di Castellabate
  • Lac Majeur
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Detail of the stay : Northern Italy, from Turin to Venice - 15 days

Day 1: Milan

A day is very short to see the must-see attractions of the Lombardy capital, so no time to lose, let's go to Duomothe third largest cathedral in the world and a symbol of the city. You can stay in the historic centre and stroll through the lively streets full of fashion shops and end up in front of the La Scala opera house, a Mecca for Milan's cultural life. If there is still some time and energy left, a visit to the Ambrosiana art gallery will end the day in a climax.

Day 2: Great Lakes - Day 1

After the excitement of the economic Capital of Italy, nothing is worth a little rest in the region of the Lakes, majestically framed by the high Alpine peaks, perhaps composing one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes. By arriving on the shores of Lake Maggiore, do not miss a jump on the Borromées islands.

Day 3: Great Lakes - Day 2

Spend the second day in Lake Como and Bellagio village where you can enjoy beautiful panoramas.

Day 4: Turin and its delights

The majestic capital of the house of Savoy serves as the starting point for the discovery of Northern Italy. Far from the photographs of the industrial city atmosphere, Turin will reveal its beauties, at the turn of its 18 ⠀ ¯ km of arcades. At menu⠀ ¯: walk along via Po, a break (s) coffee, or rather ciocolatta or bicerin, the local specialty, in one of the historical caffè of the capital of Italian unity. In the afternoon, a tour to the excellent cinema museum is housed in the Mole Antoneliana, a symbol of the city. The summit is reached by a glass lift with, if time is clear, a royal view on the alpine summits. In the evening, an opera at the Regio Theatre, or a turbulent night in the Clubs clubs along the river Po.

Day 5: Discovery of the Langhe

Perhaps awakened by a glass of Barolo tasted the day before in Turin, it is time to go back to its source. A few kilometres to the south, a green and hilly landscape welcomes in its folds some of the best nectars of Italy. AroundAlba, stronghold of the Ferrero, the cascine - large Piedmontese farms - offer rest and good food, in a setting still preserved from mass tourism. The opportunity to take an invigorating walk before the Piedmontese wonders to be tasted, perhaps the famous white truffle, the local gold.

Day 6: Stopover in Genoa

Over the last ten years, Genoa has shot a blow. It houses the largest historic centre with picturesque streets where it is happy to stroll. In the harbour, restored by Master Renzo Piano, a visit to the aquarium, the largest marine park in Europe, will fill admirers of great blue. You can then enjoy a focaccia or a farinata in one of the numerous shops around the harbour. Going back to the centre, the show of the Via San Lorenzo leads to the cathedral of the same name. Finally, you will find the day by Garibaldi and its twelve Renaissance palaces.

Day 7: Balade in the Five Lands - Day 1

After the day's busy day, nothing is worth a stroll. Between land and sea, the Cinque Terre national park, inscribed on the world heritage of mankind, promises invigorating marches with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean in the focus. After a day of walking on its headlands made of vineyards and olive trees, rest in the inhabitant, in one of the five villages in the area, is welcome.

Day 8: Walk in the Five Lands - day 2

The second day in this superb and romantic setting.

Day 9: Under the charm of Parma

The gastronomic stage is evident in the city of ham and Parmesan cheese. But Parma is above all a city of art with a peaceful atmosphere, where it makes good strolls in the historic centre between Piazza Garibaldi and the Duomo. Do not miss a break in the surrounding countryside, why not discover the manufacture of balsamic vinegar, the best cheeses and the finest meats.

Day 10: Bologna gourmanot

A symbol of the tradition of good value in the region of Emilia Romagna, Bologna is a destination of choice. The ochre walls of its magnificent historic centre vibrate with the cosmopolitan youth who are its university, the oldest in Europe. It is nice to walk in the historic centre and discover the food that makes the famous city red (because of the colour of its monuments and political leanings) on the way to a market, and why not fill its picnic basket with that delle Erbe open every day of the week.

Day 11: Ferrara by bicycle

At half an hour from Bologna, well protected by its high walls inherited from the wars, Ferrara deserves a detour. The best way to explore its quiet streets is the bicycle, to rent on site. The family castle of Este and the Renaissance palaces make Ferrara a dive in another world. If the envy takes you, you will enjoy il, a local speciality, in a trattoria in the heart of the city.

Day 12: The beauty of paladiennes villas

In the heart of Veneto, the architect Andrea Palladio (1508 1580) left an elegant legacy. Nestled in caskets of delicious greenery, the master's villas are enlarge visits, especially the famous Rotonda. What to do for a Renaissance lord.

Day 13: Padua under arcades

Nestled between Verona and Venice, its two nearby cumbersome, Padova is often abandoned by the traditional tourist circuits, making it a good reason to enjoy the special atmosphere of this student city surrounded by arcades. She cultivates an art of living well under the protection of Saint Anthony. At the end of the afternoon, dare the break at the Caffé Pedrocchi, the local institution. Or join the horde of students who find themselves in an hour of aperitif. Invigorating.

Day 14: Meeting with Venice

Difficult to escape from the hustle of tourists between Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square. Venice, which unveils its postcard decor along the large canal, on a trip to Vaporetto, has more mysterious charms to discover, from the Côté or the ghetto quarter. A museum break is to be taken in compte⠀ ¯: Guggenheim or Accademia, according to envy. At night, the city takes new reflections. Another nimbée atmosphere of mystery where it is good to lose.

Day 15: Venice side lagoon

The small islands of the lagoon, reachable by boat, are as many marine confetti to discover, suitable for melancholy reverie, De and its colorful houses in Torcello and its mysterious ruins… A good way to recover before returning home.

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