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Stay : A short week to discover the Spanish Basque Country

This tour allows you to appreciate the cultural heritage of the region and to learn about Basque history, from the indigenous tribes to the present day. The first three days are dedicated to the province of Gipuzkoa, following the coastal route to Santiago de Compostela. Days 4 and 5 are dedicated to the coast of Bizkaia. We finish the sixth day inland in Alava.

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6 days

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Detail of the stay : A short week to discover the Spanish Basque Country - 6 days

  • Irún
  • Irún
  • Irún
  • Lekeitio
  • Lekeitio
  • San Sebastián
  • San Sebastián
  • San Sebastián
  • San Sebastián
  • San Sebastián
  • Azpeitia
  • Azpeitia
  • Azpeitia
  • Baquio - Bakio
  • Baquio - Bakio
  • Lekeitio
  • Zumaia
  • Zumaia
  • Rasa Mareal - Flysch Cliffs
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz
Day 1: Irun and Fontarrabie

Steps: Irún

Oiasso Roman Museum, Santa Elena hermitage, Cap du Figuier. These sites reflect the influence of the ocean on local culture at various times in European history.

Places of interest :
Day 2: San Sebastián

Steps: Lekeitio, San Sebastián - Donostia

It is impossible to visit the Basque Country without stopping in San Sebastián, to see its Monte Igueldo, its San Telmo museum dedicated to the history of the Basque Country, the gardens of the Miramar palace, former summer residence of the Spanish kings, its beach of La Concha and its port.

Day 3: Azpeitia

Steps: Azpeitia

Visit toAzpeitia, its San Ignacio de Loyola sanctuary and its Ferrocarril museum. A day in the interior of the Basque Country, where we will discover the spiritual heritage and the local industrial genius.

Day 4: Lekeitio and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Steps: Baquio - Bakio, Lekeitio, Zumaia, Rasa Mareal - Falaises Du Flysch

Meeting with the greatness of the elements. The picturesque village of Lekeitio, the peninsula of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, the rasa mareal and the flysch cliffs. A series of natural, unusual and exceptional sites by the ocean. For nature lovers, this is the most wonderful stage of this journey.

Day 5: Bilbao

Steps: Bilbao

Tradition and modernity in Bilbao. The inevitable Guggenheim Museum and its unique architecture, a visit to the city and its neighborhoods, a tour of the pintxos bars, in a very urban atmosphere.

Places of interest :
Day 6: Vitoria

Steps: Vitoria-Gasteiz

Cultural day in Vitoria. The capital of the province of Alava shows an astonishing museographic eclecticism, with its museums dedicated to card games, contemporary art, archaeology, armoury, fine arts... A final stage full of discoveries and surprises.

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