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Stay : From Saint-Louis to Casamance

Hello giant baobabs and dream beaches, camels and splashes of the Sahara at the gates of Saint-Louis, hills and waterfalls on the outskirts of Kedougou... Senegal is a bit of all this, but above all the promise of an exciting trip to the heart of Africa.

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10 days

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Detail of the stay : From Saint-Louis to Casamance - 10 days

  • Dakar
  • Île De Gorée
  • Dakar
  • Lac Rose
  • Ziguinchor
  • Ziguinchor
  • Lac Rose
  • Lac Rose
  • Ziguinchor
  • Oussouye
  • Elinkine
  • Mlomp
  • Cap Skirring
  • Djembéring
  • Pointe Saint-Georges
  • Dakar
  • Cap Skirring
  • Saint-Louis
  • Saint-Louis
  • Guet-Ndar
  • Dakar
  • Parc National Du Djoudj
Day 1: Dakar and Gorée

Steps: Dakar, Île De Gorée

Morning to discover the plateau, downtown Dakar. In the afternoon, excursion on Gorée Island. Return in the evening, dinner at Almadies.

Day 2: Lake Rose

Steps: Dakar, Lac Rose

Visit of Lake Rose, return to Dakar and boat for Casamance in the evening.

Day 3: Walk by canoe

Steps: Ziguinchor, Lac Rose

Arrival in Ziguinchor in the morning, visit the city and walk by canoe to Affiniam and Djilapao.

Places of interest :
Day 4: Oussouye, Mlomp and Elinkine

Steps: Oussouye, Elinkine, Mlomp

Departure for Oussouye, visit of the city in the morning and afternoon, visit of Mlomp and Elinkine. Boat to Karabane.

Day 5: Relax and hiking

Steps: Cap Skirring, Djembéring, Pointe Saint-Georges

Relax and visit on the island of Karabane. Afternoon: canoe for Pointe Saint-Georges, observation of manatees, then canoe to Kachiwane, and walking or transfer in 4 x 4 to Djembering. Dinner and evening in Cap Skirring.

Day 6: Cape Skirring

Steps: Dakar, Cap Skirring

Beach and Relax in Cap Skirring, plane to Dakar late in the afternoon.

Day 7: Towards Saint-Louis

Steps: Saint-Louis

Departure for the Grande Coast by car, direction Saint-Louis by car. Dinner on the island of Ndar to taste the atmosphere of the city.

Day 8: Saint-Louis

Steps: Saint-Louis, Guet-Ndar

Visit the fishing village of Guet-Ndat by horse-drawn carriage in the morning, stroll in Saint-Louis and on the Hydrobase in the afternoon. Dinner in the old town.

Day 9: Bird observation in the Djoudj Park

Steps: Dakar, Parc National Du Djoudj

Morning: visit of Djoudj Park, afternoon: return to Dakar.

Day 10: Market and relax

In the morning: purchase of the latest souvenirs to the Soumbédioune market. Afternoon: visit of the island of römer, relax on the beach before you go dinner in a chic restaurant with ocean view.

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