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Stay : Cape Verde Nature

The proposed route will satisfy the lovers of hiking and nature, it focuses on the Barlavento islands, islands of the north of the archipelago, São Vicente, São Nicolau and Santo Antão. An average physical condition is sufficient to appreciate the beauty of these islands. Bivouac or short hike of 4 hours are possible according to your desires and your physical condition.

Summary of the stay


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Suggested by: Petit Futé

10 days

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Detail of the stay : Cape Verde Nature - 10 days

  • Mindelo
  • Mindelo
  • Mindelo
  • Baia Das Gatas
  • Calhau
  • Tarrafal
  • Ribeira Da Prata
  • Ribeira Da Prata
  • Tarrafal
  • Cachaço
  • Porto Novo
  • Ponta Do Sol
  • Mindelo
Day 1: Arrival in São Vicente

Steps: Mindelo

Relax and swim on the beautiful beach of Laginha and/or visit Mindelo.

Day 2: Visit of the island

Steps: Baia Das Gatas, Calhau

Discovery of the beach Baias das Gatas and the village of Calhau and its volcano.

Day 3: Cape Town on São Nicolau

Steps: Tarrafal

Ferry departure for São Nicolau, arrival in Tarrafal, relaxation on black sandy beaches and dinner at Casa aquario, at Henny.

Day 4: Discovery of the splendid landscapes

Steps: Ribeira Da Prata, Tarrafal

Discovery of the most beautiful places of Tarrafal, Carberinho (one of the 7 wonders of the archipelago), visit of the beautiful villages of Quemada, Estância de brás, Lompeloda, Hortela, Cabecalinho, beautiful surprises await you.

Places of interest :
Day 5: Attacking Monte Gordo

Steps: Cachaço

Climbing Monte Gordo (different levels of course), descending to the green valley of Cachaço, you will cross on your way the most beautiful specimens of dragon trees.

Day 6: Departure for Santo Antão

Steps: Porto Novo

Lunch in Porto Novo, departure for Paul Valley, dinner and bed in the valley.

Day 7: Magic escape

Discovery of the road of the Rope, "the one hundred faces road", one of the most spectacular routes on the island, hiking and discovery, visit of stills...

Day 8: Relaxation day in Ponto do Sol

Steps: Ponta Do Sol

Arrival and rest in Ponto do Sol, a beautiful village.

Day 9: Dance and music with the locals

Steps: Mindelo

Departure for São Vicente, night excursions for the party people in the most trendy places of Mindelo, music lovers will be spoilt for choice.

Day 10: End of the stay

We finish packing and we get ready to take the plane for the return to our country

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