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Stay : Getaway to Cape Verde

A ten day trip can include a tour of 2 or 3 islands. For example, a visit to the volcano of Fogo, a must-see (3 days there), passing by Santiago (3 days to visit the island, one day otherwise), or a stop in Mindelo, the "Brazilian" city of Cape Verde (2 days) and in Santo Antão (3 days). The trip can end with a stop on theisland of Sal to enjoy the beach

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10 days

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Detail of the stay : Getaway to Cape Verde - 10 days

  • Mindelo
  • Monte Verde
  • Calhau
  • Ponta Do Sol
  • Ribeira Do Paúl
  • Ponta Do Sol
  • Mindelo
  • Pedra De Lume
Day 1: Arrival on the island of Sal

Relaxation and swimming are on the agenda. For the adventurous, go fishing with professionals or try water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Day 2: Departure for São Vicente

Steps: Mindelo

Visit Mindelo, Cesaria Evora's city, with its markets, its port, its beaches and its carnival. In the evening, go out to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the city

Day 3: Hiking on Monte Verde

Steps: Monte Verde

Climb Monte Verde to the north, whose peak is 750 meters above sea level, or if you are afraid of the climb, take a tour of the island.

Day 4: Stroll between the craters

Steps: Calhau

Discovery of the village of Calhau towards the east and the beaches. You will discover two extinct craters on your way.

Day 5: Cape Town on the island of Santo Antão

Steps: Ponta Do Sol

Departure for Santo Antão, by boat in the morning. Stay in Ponta do Sol, a small, colourful village at the foot of the mountains.

Day 6: Excursion along the river Ribeira do Paúl

Steps: Ribeira Do Paúl

Go to Cova and walk down through the Ribeira do Paúl.

Day 7: Escape under the Sun

Steps: Ponta Do Sol

Walk around Ponta do Sol, taking the coastal road towards Cruzinha da Graça.

Day 8: Dance and music with premises

Steps: Mindelo

Return to Mindelo and evening in a local restaurant. You can also appreciate the festive side of the city and portuguese music that resonate across all corners of the street.

Day 9: Lazy day on the beach

Steps: Pedra De Lume

Return to theisland of Sal. Relaxation, beach and excursion to the salt flats of Pedra de Lume.

Day 10: End of stay

Return to your home country.

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