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Stay : The big loop in three weeks

This tour includes some of the great Czech tourist classics

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Suggested by: Petit Futé

21 days

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Detail of the stay : The big loop in three weeks - 21 days

  • Prague
  • Prague
  • Prague
  • Prague
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Cheb
  • Plzeň
  • Třeboň
  • Tábor
  • Telč
  • Znojmo
  • Mikulov
  • Kroměříž
  • Zlín
  • Luhačovice
  • Ostrava
  • Olomouc
  • Pardubice
  • Litomyšl
  • Prague
  • Kutná Hora
  • Ceský Raj
  • Mělník
  • Terezín
  • Litoměrice
Day 1: Arrival in Prague

Steps: Prague

Visit to the old town of Prague, Josefov and some places of interest in Nové Město.

Day 2: Prague

Steps: Prague

Visit to Malá Strana andPrague Castle .

Day 3: Karlštejn

Steps: Karlovy Vary

One of the most beautiful and imposing castles in the country. Karlovy Vary: Carlsbad, the most elegant of the Czech spa towns, colonnades, palaces and luxury hotels, "imperial" atmosphere.

Day 4: Cheb

Steps: Cheb, Plzeň

Cheb is a beautiful little town on the German border. Plzeň: Czech beer capital, with the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery.

Day 5: Šumava

Magnificent region of hills, lakes and forests. Numerous possibilities for hiking.

Day 6: Český Krumlov

The pearl of South Bohemia, a town set in the curves of the Vltava and dominated by the second largest castle in the country.

Day 7: Drive to Třeboň stopping at České Budějovice and its huge square

Steps: Třeboň, Tábor

Třeboň: a charming little town with a beautifully preserved historic centre. From there, excursion to the surrounding lakes (bike ride), or to Tábor, the Hussite town.
Day 8: Drive to Telč stopping at Jindřichův Hradec and its beautiful castle

Steps: Telč

Telč is an exceptional village surrounded by water and organized around a long square.
Day 9: Znojmo

Steps: Znojmo, Mikulov

Znojmo is a town with a special atmosphere, a beautiful historical center perched above a river. Mikulov: a model village with its castle perched on the heights and its charming little square.

Day 10: Letnice-Valtice area
A huge park, laid out between two castles. Walks, bike rides, boat trips, from ponds to romantic pavilions, from minarets to fake castles, from colonnades to exotic greenhouses.
Day 11: Kroméřiž

Steps: Kroměříž, Zlín, Luhačovice

Kroméřiž is a charming town laid out around a lavish episcopal castle surrounded by a beautiful park. Excursion to Zlín, a functional town, or Lohačovice and its healing springs.

Day 12: Rožnov Pod Radhost and Štramberk
The most beautiful villages of the rural and mountainous Beskydy region.
Day 13: Ostrava

Steps: Ostrava

The country's third largest city, Ostrava, is more Silesian than Moravian. No historical monuments here, but the marks left by heavy industry and mining.

Day 14: Olomouc

Steps: Olomouc

Visit of the historical center ofOlomouc, superbly preserved and embellished with baroque fountains.

Day 15: Litomyšl

Steps: Pardubice, Litomyšl

Litomyšl is a real gem: a long square lined with colorful gabled houses, castles with sgraffito-covered walls, and monastery gardens. Pardubice, for its magnificent square, including the House of Jonah, and its curious castle overrun by peacocks.

Day 16: Kutná Hora

Steps: Prague, Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora, called "Little Prague ", is a charming town. Small medieval streets climb up to a jewel of religious architecture: the Cathedral of St. Barbara.
Day 17: Český Ráj

Steps: Ceský Raj

Český Ráj is the most visited nature reserve in the Czech Republic: you can walk through stone towns (high sandstone columns), forests, discover castles..
Day 18: Krkonoše
Beautiful reliefs ideal for hiking.
Day 19: Czech Switzerland National Park
Hikes between geological curiosities, river boat trip.
Day 20: Litoměrice

Steps: Mělník, Terezín, Litoměrice

Litoměrice is a pretty, colorful little town. Terezín and its imperial fortress, whose history reminds us that it served as a transit point to the death camps. Mělník, a charming wine town.

Day 21: Return to Prague
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