Smile, you're in Provence! In the heart of the land of cicadas, lavender and olives. A department of the PACA region bordering the Rhône, the Vaucluse lies to the east ofAvignon, a city of the Popes classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. To the south, it shelters one of the most attractive regions in France: the Luberon along the Durance. This small country of great charm has seen real estate and stars settle there during their holidays. From Bollène to PertuisBollèneCarpentras, these are landscapes of scrubland and sunny orchards, villages perched on their terraces and stone lace. Among the emblematic sites: Mont Ventoux, Fontaine-de-Vauclusewhere the Sorgue rises, the beautiful Dentelles de Montmirail, appreciated by climbers. Among the charming villages, l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, paradise of the hunters,Apt, its market, its candied fruits, and so many other picturesqueGordes,,Lourmarin,Ansouis,,, Séguret, Venasque... Let's add a jewel: the Ochres massif, saffron-coloured canyon and sculpted reliefs. Le Vaucluse is happiness in concentrate, around festivals, agritourism, wine tourism and excellent restaurants to enjoy the flavours of the land. Take the time of a day with a heritage guide who tells you how the Avignon bridge collapsed. It will be a pity not to discover the traditions, legends and history of this department, which knows how to showcase its heritage so well. And no one prevents you from going dancing in circles, on the Avignon bridge, wearing beautiful clothes.

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When to go to the Vaucluse? The mild climate allows you to enjoy this territory outdoors all year round except when the winter mistral blows that freezes your blood. The high tourist season in the Vaucluse is summer. However, in summer, prices rise like mercury and sometimes reach heatwave levels. That said, it is in summer that the weekly markets are the most colourful and that you will attend, in addition to the Avignon festival, the most beautiful festivals and festivals in Vaucluse. During the Festival d'Avignon (July), the world's largest theatre festival, the city comes alive with a unique atmosphere where culture and festivities are intertwined. There is a crowd and more than one free place to stay in the capital of the Vaucluse. This department is also a very gourmet destination with renowned chefs, divine specialities, salty or sweet versions, and typical local products. Here we celebrate olive oil, truffles, wines and a whole art of living that tourists are invited to taste all year round, during short and thematic stays. Summer is the melon season, around Cavaillonits capital. A favourite for its tastiest local variety: the famous cantaloupe. Feel it: the heavier it is, the more mature it is. Cavaillon has its Melon Fair, early July. Don't neglect winter and its perennial traditions: the thirteen desserts and Christmas markets. The one in Avignon is magnificent. To tap into the magic of Christmas with santons, lights and sparkling stars and enjoy a less touristy and more authentic season. But beware of the mistral!

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When to travel?

When to go to the Vaucluse? The mild climate allows you to enjoy this territory outdoors all year round except when t...
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The Vaucluse enjoys a Mediterranean climate, but with a marked continental note linked to its particular geographical...
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