Berlin is the capital of reunited Germany, with such a strong and special identity, a fascinating and creative city, a capital divided by history that continues to bring its two entities together today. Like all large metropolises, it is often seen by many as an "urban island", disconnected from its territory and historical region. But Berlin, the most underground and "coolest" of European capitals, is also a city of Brandenburg, formerly Marche then Electorate which, under the aegis of the Hohenzollern, was to become the cradle of the Prussian state and then of the German Second Reich. Seen from this perspective, as the capital chosen by its Prussian-Brandenburg monarchs in 1710 to rule over their centralizing state, Berlin is actually closely linked to the territory of Brandenburg. Today a rural and forested eastern Land, relatively poor and marginalized, it bears the traces of the prestigious history that made it the center of the Prussian state that was to build modern Germany.

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