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10 destinations pour revivre l'ambiance hippie

Inherited from the libertarians of the 1960s, hippie culture may well have the wind back in its sails! Indeed, what could be more topical than this fight against consumer society and this desire for hedonism? We're even betting on a very trendy return of the ephemeral pants and the flower shirt! Some places in the world have never abandoned this philosophy and still present themselves today as bastions of flower power. From the well-known ...

Goa, entre patrimoine historique et nuits à rallonge

Goa is one of India's first tourist destinations. The state is not very extensive, and a dozen days can be enough to discover all its treasures: fine sandy beaches, world heritage monuments, traditional tasty cuisine and breathtaking scenery. A world-famous tourist spot The State of Goa attracts an increasing number of visitors, Indians and foreigners. An eclectic clientele, which finds all the charms of an India in miniature associated ...