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Bombay for a weekend

Suggested by Petit Futé

2 days

Bombay in one week in all seasons

Suggested by Petit Futé

7 days

Maharashtra rock caves

Suggested by Petit Futé

6 days

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Les plus belles ruines que l'on peut encore admirer dans le monde

All over the world, ancient civilizations have left behind a precious architectural heritage. The events of history as well as the passing of time have sometimes damaged these monuments or partially destroyed them, but the ruins that remain are, for some, still very impressive. They are castles, temples or even buildings full of mystery. They remain fascinating buildings to discover and which teach us more about the life of those who ...

Top 10 des merveilles de l'Antiquité que l'on peut encore visiter

In the course of our long history, people have built beautiful architectural works. Some of them have disappeared but fortunately, others are still visible today. From Europe to Africa, Asia or South America, some travellers are ready to travel thousands of kilometres to have the chance to admire the wonders of Antiquity, to examine them in great detail and to learn more about their origin and the way they were built. The Little Wise Guy has ...

Bombay, à l'heure de la fête de Ganesh

City of all paradoxes, Mumbai (or the old Bombay) is the economic capital and the most populated megalopolis in the country. An Indian city that is a real kaleidoscope of sounds, colours, scents and flavours. The extraordinary frenzy of the one who is nicknamed "Maximum City", the showcase of a conquering India that exhibits its power, where business districts and skyscrapers emerge from the ground in record time, does not however make us ...