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Les plus beaux palais de rois et présidents dans le monde

Around the world, kings and presidents often occupy grandiose palaces of incredible beauty. Architectural splendours in a variety of styles from one continent to another. Some remain closed to the public, but for others, it is possible to admire them up close, or even go inside for a visit. From Europe to Asia and South America, The Little Witty has selected for you 10 of the most beautiful palaces of kings and presidents in the world, ...

Les perles cachées à deux pas de Lisbonne

On the other side of the Tagus, between Alcochete and Seixal, discover a picturesque region full of history and one of the most important nature reserves in Europe.Settle in an authentic village just a stone's throw from LisbonYou will just have to cross the Tagus by car or boat to slow down the pace and get a total change of scenery. When you arrive in Alcochete, one of the most typical villages of the region, you will find a breathtaking ...

Top des destinations européennes pour un week-end entre amis

At any time of the year, weekends with friends are the best way to unwind and enjoy a little break from the stress of the day. With your feet in the sand, in the snow, sitting on the terrace of a restaurant or partying in the best nightclubs in the world, get away from the daily routine for a few days with your faithful allies. From Prague to Berlin via Barcelona and Dubrovnik, here is our ranking of the best destinations in Europe for a ...

Top 10 des plus beaux châteaux en Europe

Very rich in architectural heritage, Europe has many castles, witnesses of hundreds of years of history and still very popular with tourists. Fortified, of Baroque or Renaissance architecture, on hillsides or by a lake, castles continue to fascinate young and old alike. A visit is always a special moment to experience, an opportunity to go back centuries and also to measure the extent of the work involved in building such buildings. In order ...