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Les 10 destinations où partir avec un bébé

Reconciling the arrival of a newborn baby in the family with the desire to travel is not always easy. Indeed, we are often led to ask ourselves a multitude of questions about the course of the trip: will the time difference disrupt baby's rhythm? Will it be easy to get around? Will we be able to find all the necessary equipment? In reality, travelling with a baby is perfectly possible, not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world! Of ...

10 animaux magnifiques en voie de disparition à voir en voyage

The discovery of wildlife is one of the musts of a trip when you are in love with nature and wide open spaces. Unfortunately, today, many animal species are threatened with extinction, due to global warming, unregulated hunting, destruction of natural habitats, industry, human activity in general... Even though many organizations are fighting for the protection of species, it is unfortunately very likely that several of them will become ...

Les 10 meilleures destinations viticoles du monde

We know all the love of the French for good wines: from Bordeaux to rosé de Provence, France is a favourite land in the domain. But let's open our horizons and discover other productions! Wine tourism has grown considerably in recent years: what could be better than to taste great wines against a backdrop of sumptuous landscapes? From Italy to California and South Africa, Petit Futé offers you its 10 favourite destinations for wine lovers ...