New South Wales is a fascinating territory in the South East of Australia. And not only because it is home to one of the most famous metropolises in the world, Sydney, but also because the diversity of its landscapes make it a true condensed version of Australia. You can hike in the heart of the mountains, with the presence of several national parks. You can also stop in the vineyards for an epicurean vacation, before going to the West and entering the Australian outback. The coast is also superb, with its idyllic beaches and its surrounding nature that has so much to offer for outdoor activity enthusiasts. Of course, we won't forget to pass through Sydney and to stop in the seaside resorts to soak up the culture and try the local specialties. What if for your next vacation, you offered yourself a road trip in Sydney and New South Wales?

Road trip through the landscapes of New South Wales

There is so much to discover in Australia that the country is often at the top of the list of road trip lovers. And New South Wales is one of those territories that have something to delight travelers who can't stand still. Whether you decide to rent a car and go camping or to rent a fully equipped van, in any case, your stay will be rich in discoveries! From Sydney, a first stage leads to the Blue Mountains, a paradise for hikers. The landscapes are spectacular between steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and the Australian bush. Another national park is quickly accessible from Sydney: Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Located on the banks of the beautiful Hawkesbury River, it is home to a wide variety of native flora and fauna and boasts stunning views of Palm Beach. It is also home to important Aboriginal historical sites.

The continuation of the road trip can lead to the Snowy Mountains. We are then in the heart of the Kosciusko National Park and of those which are nicknamed the "Australian Alps". The territory is also a delight for hiking enthusiasts in summer, before being covered with snow in winter and giving way to snow sports. How to imagine a road trip in New South Wales without setting foot in theAustralian outback? What a thrill to discover the red earth landscapes on mountain bikes and to stop in towns such as White Cliffs, which seems lost in the middle of the immensity of nature. It's also the opportunity to ride through Mungo National Park, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, with the incredible site of the Chinese Walls as well as burial grounds and chimneys dating back more than 40,000 years.

And then there is the New South Wales coastline to travel south or north. Going back down to Melbourne in the south, you can take the mythical Grand Pacific Drive to marvel at the cliffs that plunge into the blue of the sea. We also stop in charming seaside towns like Kiama, before swimming or kayaking on the translucent waters of Jervis Bay. From Sydney, this time heading north towards Brisbane, we start by stopping at Port Stephens, a splendid bay with 26 beaches, each more beautiful than the other. Then we walk in the tropical forest in the region of the Myall lakes or in the Dorrigo national park. A final stop is inevitably Byron Bay, a famous hippie town where you can stroll through the night markets, learn to surf, before embarking on a humpback whale watching trip from May to November.

Gastronomy, wine, New South Wales and the pleasures of life

A road trip in New South Wales includes of course moments to enjoy the local gastronomy. Each town has its own restaurants, pubs and other bars where it is good to stop and eat like the locals. No matter how much time you spend in Sydney, you can enjoy lamb roast, meat pie and fish and chips. Sydney is also a great place for wood-grilled meat, and it's hard to pass up an evening at the chic Quay restaurant. Internationally renowned, you can enjoy divinely prepared meat and seafood dishes, as well as a view of one of the most beautiful monuments in the world: the Sydney Opera House.

During the part of the road trip that takes place on the Australian coast, the seaside towns display a cuisine far from lacking in audacity. In Jervis Bay, we try the gambas, the fish with beer and we open some oysters. We don't forget the meat with the roasted duck salad. In Byron Bay, we take advantage of a stopover to savor products such as smoked salmon, crab, lobster or steak and kidney pie. The locals are quick to point out popular places to discover fresh, local products.

A nomadic vacation in New South Wales is also an opportunity to spend some time in the most famous region in terms of taste pleasures: the unavoidable Hunter Valley. Australia's oldest wine region welcomes visitors to stroll or cycle through the vineyards, meet the producers and taste world-class wines in Mudgee. You can even see kangaroos roaming the vineyards! This rural and easy-going region also has some great restaurants that also cook with local produce. Braised beef ribs with red wine sauce, rabbit with mustard and olives, smoked pork shank and many cheeses are among the dishes offered.

A road trip in New South Wales offers many experiences. From Sydney to the most beautiful parts of the coastline such as Byron Bay and through national parks such as the Blue Mountains and Mungo National Park, the territory is a constant invitation to hike in wonderful nature spots, to rest on dreamy beaches, to enjoy the dynamism of Sydney and the cities of the coastline and of course, to treat yourself