Welcome to Croatia! One of the best destinations in the Mediterranean? Without a doubt! Imagine more than 1,700 km of coastline, 1,185 islands bathed in turquoise and transparent water. Water heated by a wide sun and in which it is possible to bathe almost six months of the year. At the bend of a path, behind a pine forest, is a deserted cove. A little further on, in the shade of the village café, a few elders discuss their past as sailors separated from their land, a glass of rakija in hand. Here, the passage of time has changed nothing. It's Croatia.

In this idyllic setting you will discover Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia is also its most varied region. It stretches over 3,160 square miles. This is the border between Central Europe and the Adriatic. Thanks to its ideal geographical location, between two inlets, the Mediterranean influence of its climate is exceptional. Cities developed both inland and on the coast. Most of them are very picturesque and still have a traditional culture. So enjoy!

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