The 10 most beautiful airports in the world

The airport is an unavoidable pass for all travelers: they often wait for long hours, hand bags, before embarking on a new adventure… However, more than just transit places, some terminals are real beads to discover as a matter of urgency! Modern, chic or traditional, Petit Futé offers you its selection of the ten most beautiful airports around the world, to put you full of eyes before discovering other heavens!

N ° 10 - Carrasco-Montevideo Airport, Uruguay

Designed in 2009 by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñol, the new terminal at Carrasco Airport is of great elegance. Under the roof of 365 m or from the terraces, passengers can see the planes and especially admire the landscape. Designed to accommodate a very large number of passengers, the airport is finally much less frequented than expected, giving it an incomparable impression. 

N ° 9 - Beijing-Capital Airport, China

The first Asian airport airport, the Beijing Airport impresses with its vastness. Built as a dragon, it looks like the Chinese capital: a perfect compromise between tradition and modernity. Its terminal 3, inaugurated in 2008 for the Olympic Games, covers 98 hectares: it's the largest in the world. However, the explosion in air traffic in China forced the city of Beijing to set up a new airport to relieve it: under construction since 2014, Beijing-Daxing Airport is expected to open in 2019. 

No. 8 - Denver Airport, Eunited States

Designed by architect Curtis Fentress in 1995, the roof of Denver Airport is bristling with white tipis that blend into the sumptuous scenery of the surrounding Rockies.... This original structure, made entirely of fibreglass, leaves travellers perplexed. When they enter, they are all the more so when they see the statue of the red-eyed horse or that of Anubis, god of the Egyptian dead. An intriguing place....

N ° 7 - Seoul-Incheon Airport, South Korea

Considered the most modern in Asia, Seoul-Incheon Airport has a rather unusual architecture. Built on a small island off the town of Incheon, it is connected to the mainland by a road bridge. Here, not the time to get bored: Golf, Spa, Casino and traditional dance shows are offered. For a little rest, beds, showers and Internet are even available to travelers free of charge at the departure level!

N ° 6 - Marrakech-Menara airport, Morocco

Designed in 2008, Terminal 1 of the airport of Marrakech-Menara recalls the most prestigious Moroccan palaces, it is even possible to admire a small lounge typically decorated as in the nineteenth century. Turning to the environment, the terminal covers part of its energy needs thanks to the 72 photovoltaic pyramids present on the roof… The perfect example of a possible combination of tradition and modernity!

N ° 5 - JFK-New York Airport, ÉUnited States

More than for legend, if JFK airport is part of our ranking it is mainly for Terminal 5, the TWA-shaped bird. Projected in 1962 by the architect Eero Saarinen, it is listed as a historic monument. Very modern for the time, it is one of the first terminals to have incorporated carousels or even electric hourly panels. Unfortunately, it has remained unused since the attacks of September 11, 2001 since it no longer corresponds to the new security rules. To find out, wait for 2018 since the TWA will become a hotel! 

N ° 4 - Adolfo S Airportalternatelyarez-Madrid-Barajas, Spain

The unique air gateway of the Spanish capital, Madrid-Barajas airport welcomes over 45 million passengers a year. Its terminal 4, inaugurated in 2006, was designed by architects Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers. Its bamboo roof, which allows sunlight and colorful beams, will relax the most anxious! Please note that you will leave this terminal only if you borrow the national airline!

N ° 3 - Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates

The third largest airport in the world, Dubai Airport has benefited from its ideal geographical location, between Europe and Asia, to become an international hub. Here, life never stops, and day and night of huge neons illuminate clothing shops and restaurant signs. It is even possible to take part in lotteries to win luxury cars. An airport that does not know the crisis!

N ° 2 - Kansai-Osaka Airport, Japan

Kansai Airport is a jewel of modernity that is part of the millennium civil engineering monuments - just like the San Francisco Golden Gate for example. Located on an artificial island, off the coast of Osaka, it houses two terminals. Terminal 1, projected by the great architect Renzo Piano, has a plane-wing roof to facilitate air circulation. With its 1.7 kilometer end, it is the longest building in the world: passengers are transported through a monorail system from one end to the next!

N ° 1 - Changi-Singapore Airport, Singapore

For the fifth consecutive year, Singapore's Changi Airport was elected «best airport in the world» by the very serious Skytrax World Airport Awards. And we understand why! With its open-air swimming pool, bamboo garden and butterflies, cinemas and, above all, free foot massages, we would almost like to spend our holiday there! In 2018, the airport should even open a new terminal that will offer a rainforest, hiking trails and the world's highest indoor waterfall on ten floors. All in Singapore!  

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