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Top 10 of the world destinations to do the best business during sales!

This is the beginning of the sales in France! If finding the best product at the best price is already an activity in itself, it is also interesting to mix shopping and tourism! Some cities offer very attractive discounted prices and you will find unique pieces that will take effect upon your return. While Milan and New York are great classics, the unexpected Vienna and Buenos Aires are not to be outdone. Petit Futé then offers you its world tour of the most trendy destinations to fully enjoy these few weeks of madness. Prepare the blue cards!

N ° 10 - Vienna, the unexpected

We rarely associate Vienna with shopping… wrongly! Here stores actually drop their prices (up to -70%) and there are a good number of good quality products. One of the other advantages is of course the framework… In January, Vienna is covered with its winter coat and snow gives it a certain charm. On the Mariahilfer Straße you can find most of the great shops and enjoy typical Viennese coffees. The Kärntner Straße, Graben and Kohlmark are a little more chic. The balances start in early January for a month. 

# 9 - Amsterdam, bohemian

For an original shopping and trendy shopping it is Amsterdam! Along the canals you will find many small shops and very original concepts. The nine streets, 9 straatjes, is the heart of this atmosphere… But Amsterdam also houses luxury shops like on the Hoofstraat PC, if you really want it! The balances start at the beginning of January. Take advantage of Thursday night to shop, it's night shopping day. On Saturday, on the other hand, stores close a little earlier (around 5:00 p. m.). Watch out for the bad surprises!

N ° 8 - Buenos Aires, Latin

If you are looking for a relaxing destination that allows you to do good business during the balances, Buenos Aires is ideal! It brings together the best shopping and shopping centers in South America, including the Abasto. In the city center, this shopping center is a good business. In Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho, you will also find young designers who offer fashionable and very original clothing. Please note, the dates of the balances are of course different: in August these are the winter balances and the month of March. 

# 7 - Brussels, the intimate

In a smaller dimension than his Parisian consonant, Brussels has nothing to envy him! Here you will find shops of all kinds: international chains, brand shops or even temple of vintage, the Belgian capital happy everyone! Louise Avenue and Waterloo Boulevard are unfailing. But to steal much more original coins, take a tour to Dansaert… You will find real treasures, we promise you! Balances start on January 3 in Brussels.  

N ° 6 - Berlin, free balances

Since 2005, Germany has decided no longer to impose periods of balances. Traders are therefore free to choose their dates. If some start at the end of November, most prefer to lower their prices at the end of January. The main advantage of these random dates is the much less dense crowd! In Berlin you will do good business without choking! Do not miss the 207 district, not far from Friedrichtrasse, with its extravagant style, the best place to shop. 

# 5 - Barcelona, Creative

In the image of Gaudi, Barcelona is a creative and original city where, in recent years, the new Spanish wave has rethought classics and introduces original and innovative pieces. There are also many interesting channels (let's not forget that Zara and Mango are Spanish! ) and at competitive prices. At the end of your shopping day you can also enjoy the Spanish movida. From day to night, the Catalan capital is incredibly lively! Launch of the balances in Barcelona: on January 8. 

# 4 - Paris, the indefect

Always ahead of his time, Paris is a must in fashion. Throughout the year, you will be able to shop, but in January you will do the best. During the balances, some quarters are attacked: This is the case of Châtelet or the great boulevards. Do not miss the department stores that offer quality parts for a lower price during this period. As in most French cities, the balances begin on January 11 in the capital… Stand ready!

# 3 - London, a classic

London is certainly one of the best shopping destinations in the world. You will find quality items with reduced prices up to 80%! Here, each district will offer you a special style: The fashionistas will ruin at Oxford Street while the cobbler will prefer Camden Town. In London, the balances start on December 26, it's boxing day. If you want to enjoy the best promotions, prepare to queue in front of the shops and fight to enter! 

# 2 - Milan, the most hype

Milan is undoubtedly the capital of fashion (with Paris, OK!). Here, all the great creators meet and you will find the best Italian design. The balances begin just before the Epiphanie, on January 5, for two months! You can then find often luxurious pieces at reduced prices. The capital also has very interesting international or Italian chains. Milan will impress you with its effervescence and dynamism, which allows it to give itself the title of Italy's cultural capital. 

N ° 1 - New York, fashionista

Shopping in New York is a dream for many people. Big Apple offers a lot of possibilities during the balances: from the most original scams to unfound jeans in Europe through chic and trendy pieces, you won't know where to give head! All you have to do is choose: Union Square? The 5 th Avenue? The very chic Soho? New York never sleeps, so you can find good business until very late, don't worry! The balances begin on December 26. 

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