Only about 1,000 people live on the island of Kadavu, the fourth largest island in terms of size. It is 48 km long and only a tiny part of the island is inhabited. The population is divided into 72 villages. Vunisea is its "capital" and it is here that the airport, the town hall and the island's hospital are located. Kadavu is certainly one of the most beautiful islands of Fiji, but it is still extremely wild and difficult to access, which makes it unattractive at the moment. There are no paved roads or motorized access to the villages. However, there are some exceptional diving sites as well as very good breaks for surfing. The Great Astrolabe Reef, which surrounds the island, is one of the largest coral reefs in the world. Informed diving enthusiasts from all over the world spend weeks exploring this living organism full of wonders and secrets.

Nicknamed "the land of birds", the island is also known for its superb species of birds nestled in its primary forests (75% of the island is rainforest). There are endemic species on the island such as the velvet dove, the honey eater and the Kadavu melliphage. The most beautiful example is the bright red Kadavu parrot, which is recognizable by the blue collar it wears at the nape of its neck. Keep your eyes open, they're rare and you won't find them anywhere else! Finally, the people of Kadavu are perhaps the most chauvinistic in Fiji: they are extremely proud of their island and Fijians are particularly fond of this small piece of land in the south of the archipelago. The reasons are many and varied, based on historical facts and anecdotes of questionable charm. First of all, we often hear that Kadavu grows the best kava in the country. Stronger and tastier, it is very popular with the inhabitants of the island of Viti Levu: the island's economy is based on these exports. Then, if you linger a little longer to understand what makes the pride of its inhabitants, you will hear that they have the most beautiful fish, the biggest mangoes, the most beautiful birds and the most beautiful girls! At first glance more mystical than its neighbours, Kadavu conceals a good number of secrets and if you wish to discover them, its inhabitants will be happy to discuss them with you! Finally, in November 2018, the filming of season 20 of the famous French show Koh-Lanta was underway on the island of Buliya, north of Ono. This is the third time the production chooses Fiji after two seasons in the Yasawa and Mamanuca archipelagos.

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