The 10 most unusual restaurants in Europe

Tired of your little neighbourhood brewery, you dream of a dinner that is out of the ordinary? It's a good thing since some restaurateurs compete every day with each other in ingenuity to make you taste their dishes in surprising worlds, to say the least! In the air, on the ice or in the dark, from Paris to Rome, here is our selection of 10 restaurants that focus on the unusual. And would you be ready to try number one?

N°10 - EspaiSucre in Barcelona, a very gentle concept

Here, the unusual is not in the decor, which is quite modern, but rather in the concept. Fans of delicatessen, cheese or other salty delicacies can go their way: at EspaiSucre, we only serve desserts! Jordi Butrón, the restaurant's chef, defines himself as a "pastry chef": he offers all-chocolate menus to fall on the floor! A regressive restaurant where the list of sweets is endless...

N°9 - Solo per due to Vacone, Italian romance

Located in the Lazio region, about 70 km from Rome, Solo per due is the smallest restaurant in the world. Indeed, as its name suggests, it only accommodates two people at a time! In a 19th century building, with a warm and very typical decoration, it is ideal for a candlelit dinner! The chef offers a refined Italian cuisine, based on seasonal products. Given the size of the restaurant, it is advisable to book in advance!

N ° 8 - In the Black? in Paris, discovering the senses

This Parisian restaurant offers a unique experience based on a simple concept: enjoy your meal in the most complete black and with other guests. Guided by a blind person, you access the room before starting the tasting. The missing view leads to the slightest noise, the slightest smell and special attention to its plate. Once the meal is complete and the light comes back, you will be able to discover the dishes you have eaten in a photo. Surprising!

No. 7 - HR Giger Bar, in an alien's lair

A feeling of déjà vu overwhelms you when you see the surprising decoration of this Swiss bar? Nothing more normal, it was designed by Hans Ruedi Giger, the designer of the film Alien! The interior, entirely covered with bone, is totally the result of the artist's imagination: you have the impression of having a drink in the middle of an imaginary creature cemetery or in the belly of a ferocious beast!

N°6 - Cencio la parolaccia in Rome, for the least likely

In Rome, La Parolaccia, in French "le gros mot", is a mythical restaurant! In Italy, the Romans are known for their incomparable cheek. Restorers have taken inspiration from this cliché to propose an original concept: here, you will be served by an absolutely ungrateful and rude team. No offense, it's part of the game! And we ask for more! Servers/actors are brilliant in their role! Recommended if you master a little Italian and Roman dialect, however

# 5 - The Marsden Grotto in South Shields, a rock dinner

In the county of Tyne and Wear, in England, The Mardsen Grotto offers you a dinner on the seaside… in a cave of the eighteenth century! If the outside does not pay a mine, the interior is sumptuous! This cave would have served as a house to a famous smuggler, John the Jibber, killed after denouncing his accomplices. It is even said that he would often return to haunt his death… Sissing up! 

N°4 - The restaurant of the Wieliczka salt mine, a well seasoned dinner!

Sometimes, to get your taste buds to the 7th heaven, you have to know how to go underground.... Exactly 125 meters away! Welcome to Wieliczka, Poland! 14 km from Krakow, the city is home to one of the country's main attractions: a salt mine listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this extraordinary setting is a restaurant not recommended for claustrophobic people, but highly recommended for gourmets, since it serves some of the best specialities in the country!

No. 3 - LumiLinna Castle in Kemi, you will not stay on ice!

LumiLinna Castle, in Finnish Lapland, is a completely unusual establishment: it includes a hotel, a restaurant, a chapel and a bar entirely made of ice! Rebuilt each year according to a new theme, it hosts fantastic sound and light shows. The menu, based on salmon and small vegetables, is typically Finnish. A word of advice: the temperature should not exceed -5°C, so dress warmly!

# 2 - El Diablo in Lanzarote, a slight volcanic smoked

Located in the Canary Islands, on the island of Lanzarote, El Diablo seduced by the view it offers and the delicious and original cuisine it offers. The chefs cook here thanks to the heat produced by a volcano! Meat and fish are grilled before being served on the restaurant tables. Scientists and volcanologists ensured the safety of this cooking considered to be completely healthy. During the meal, enjoy the scenery of Lanzarote, at sunset the show is wonderful. 

N°1 - Dinner in the sky, head in the stars

This Belgian restaurant has been around the world... And we understand why! Its totally crazy concept appeals to gourmets and thrill seekers alike. Sitting on a platform more than 50 m above the ground, you can enjoy a refined cuisine - the greatest chefs have participated - while enjoying a splendid view of the city. If you are not afraid of heights, the experience is unforgettable! The next event will take place in Antwerp, from 19 to 23 September 2017. It's time to book!

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