10 New Year's fireworks that will give you full insight

New Year's Eve is fast approaching and you still don't know where to celebrate it? And then, who said this party was over? Certainly not Little Smartass who, with strong advice and good plans, is campaigning for your New Year's Eve to be beautiful: pack your bags and fly abroad! Some cities offer a spectacular sound and light show every year. Just enough time to fall back into childhood, that you already hear yourself say.... Oh! The beautiful blue one!

No. 10 - Madrid, the superstitious one

In the Spanish capital, the celebration continues until the early hours of the morning, and it is at the Puerta del Sol that everything happens! Here, families and friends gather to wait for the countdown and the fireworks display. At each stroke of midnight, tradition requires that we eat a grape to ensure prosperity over the next twelve months. Watch out for choking! Another tradition: the Spaniards wear, by superstition, red underwear on New Year's Eve to ensure that the coming year runs smoothly. And you, do you believe that?

No. 9 - London, the sparkling one

In London, on New Year's Eve, the king is Mr Ben, Big Ben! When the twelve strokes of midnight ring, a whole host of people from all over the world are staring at the clock. This is followed by an 8-minute magical firework display... For the smartest, know that it is useless to gather in front of the London Eye, the fireworks display is so impressive that you can admire it from all over the city. So choose a more secluded spot like Westminster to enjoy the show. Happy New Year!

No. 8 - Dubai, the flashy one

In Dubai, nothing is impossible! In 2014, the city proposed the world's largest fireworks display as listed in the Guiness Book of Records. Directed by the American artist, Phil Grucci, this pyrotechnic show took 10 months to prepare for an unforgettable 6-minute show... The rockets had then illuminated the 160 floors of the Khalifa tower and 58 kilometres of seaside. So be ready to take a look because Dubai promises to amaze us again this year!

No. 7 - Moscow, the fairy tale

Moscow and its negative temperatures is the ideal place to spend New Year's Eve. When Red Square is covered with its winter coat, the whole city becomes magical. New Year's Eve is one of the most awaited moments of the year, especially for the many fireworks displays that accompany it. From 10pm, more than 20 places in the city offer pyrotechnic shows! But of course, it is the rockets of the twelve strokes of midnight that are the most beautiful, they mark the beginning of the evening for the Russians.

No. 6 - Hong Kong, the Illuminated

Hong Kong lives in sound and light all year round thanks to its show "La symphonie des Lumières" which illuminates the city daily. But on New Year's Eve, the performance is incredible! It was in China, in the 7th century, that fireworks were invented. It is therefore not surprising that we find the most beautiful in this country. In Hong Kong, the best view is from Square Wan Chai's Golden Bauhinia. But also take a walk on Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon: it is here that you will come into contact with Chinese culture, discovering Cantonese street operas in particular.

No. 5 - New York, the city that never sleeps

The American dream is still alive! For many of us, spending New Year's Eve in New York is a dream, especially for this famous Times Square Ball ceremony. Every year, this gigantic ball descends at midnight from the One Times Square Building, above a raging crowd ready to party until the morning. But to admire a splendid fireworks display, go to Central Park, you won't be disappointed!

No. 4 - Rome, the eternal

If you want to combine the pleasure of the eyes and the stomach, Rome is the perfect city for the New Year. In the picturesque Trastevere district you can enjoy a glass of prosecco and dance to the sound of street music that resonates everywhere. If you want to attend a real and great concert, you should go to the Circo Massimo. Every year, a national artist performs there and the atmosphere is festive! Finally, the Colosseum's fireworks display (especially since the circus, even more majestic, has undergone a major renovation this year) is probably one of the most beautiful in Europe for its magical setting.

No. 3 - Rio de Janeiro, the festive

Every year more than 2 million people go to Copacabana Beach to wake up the Brazilian girl! Here, the party is in full swing until the early hours of the morning. Brazilians choose their adornment carefully on New Year's Eve, each colour has a meaning: white for peace, green for health or red for love! The fireworks on the beach are fantastic, the tradition also wants the first seven waves of the year to bring good luck. You can then make a wish for each of them... and refresh yourself at the same time since the Brazilian weather is particularly mild at the end of December!

No. 2 - Sydney, the summer

Sydney is one of the first capitals in the world to celebrate the New Year (after Wellington, New Zealand), due to the time zone! For the occasion, the fireworks display organized by the city is sensational! Broadcast on television, it is seen by millions of people every year. The lights that illuminate the famous Sydney Opera House give it a completely different relief. This pyrotechnic show is only the beginning of the evening in the capital, which is in turmoil until the early morning. And don't forget, Australians, who have their heads in the southern hemisphere, celebrate New Year's Eve in the summer: swimsuits are yours!

No. 1 - Reykjavik, the original

Here, more than just a fireworks display, you can admire the northern lights in the sky.... To avoid disturbing this natural spectacle, the Icelanders of course do not fire any rockets. But what a beauty! For a warmer atmosphere, many bonfires are lit and despite the 20 hours of darkness every day, Reykjavik does not sleep on Christmas Eve! You can party in many bars and taste Brenninin, the national brandy.

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