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Between Mont Saint-Michel, landing beaches and the Loire castles, Orne is a must see in Normandy. There are many places to visit for curious tourists who love nature and the art of living. A green setting awarded the "Regional Natural Park" label, the Normandy-Maine Regional Natural Park and the Perche Regional Natural Park do not leave lovers of wide open spaces indifferent. Come and discover forest expanses that are far from the immense domains of Écouves, Le Perche, Réno Valdieu and Andaines. A rich, generous nature, between gentle hills and breeding plains to internationally renowned stud farms, passing through the countryside and Normandy Switzerland with its gorges and steep slopes. By its past, this destination benefits from a rich diversity with a distinctive heritage. Discover a beautiful centenary, the "Belle Époque" resort of Bagnoles-de-l'Orne Normandie, a city with a timeless character set in a green setting, the Andaines massif. Walk, visit, taste... you have a thousand and one ways to discover and enjoy the places to visit in the Orne in Normandy.

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When to leave? The Orne can be visited all year round with boots and a good raincoat because it rains very often! In July and August, you can sail, surf, swim, hike or simply relax. April-June and September are often pleasant, it is the best time to go there. Walkers, sailors and riders will take advantage of these calmer months to enjoy nature. From October to March, it is generally quite bad, even if the temperatures remain mild, take the opportunity to visit the stud farms and castles

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La rivière la Sarthe et l'église Notre-Dame d'Alençon - Christian MUSAT - Fotolia
Village - Arthur LEROY - Iconotec
Paysage du parc naturel régional du Perche - Arthur LEROY - Iconotec
Le village de Camembert. - Anne CROCHARD

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When to travel?

When to leave? The Orne can be visited all year round with boots and a good raincoat because it rains very often! In...
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The climate in the ornamental area is oceanic in nature: mild all year round, but often rainy. Temperatures remain ve...
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