With breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscapes, a rich architectural heritage and age-old traditions, the Pyrenees and Terres de Lleida are a great place for a family holiday. In every season, parents and children can enjoy an ideal setting to recharge their batteries and learn more about the history of a region and the richness of the world around us. Without forgetting to take part in active tourism, enjoying a multitude of activities in the open air and in places dedicated to the fauna, flora and culture of Catalonia. Whether it's sports, gastronomy or culture, the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida have all the ingredients for an unforgettable family trip.

Three certified "Mountain and nature for families" destinations

As proof that the Pyrenees and Terres de Lleida are a perfect place for a family holiday, three destinations have been awarded the "Mountain and Nature for Families" label. Located in the Alta Ribagorça county, a walk through the Vall de Boí perfectly combines nature and architecture. In the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, the only national park in Catalonia, the mountain peaks often exceed 3,000 metres in altitude. Water is also omnipresent with the presence of almost 300 lakes, rivers and waterfalls. It is in this rigorous physical environment, which reveals sublime mountain landscapes, that we find a multitude of animal and plant species to listen to and observe. For lovers of ancestral heritage, the Vall de Boí is home to the most important group of Romanesque churches in the world. A haven of peace where the old stones were married to nature a long time ago. A group of priceless value that is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. The two churches of Taüll, which can be visited in succession, are marvels not to be missed under any circumstances.

Next, we head for the Valls d'Àneu, located in the northernmost part of the Pallars Sobirà county. This area offers families the chance to wander through a fascinating natural environment, with typical Pyrenean landscapes of mountains, alpine pastures and large coniferous forests. The Alt Pirineu Natural Park is one of the places where you can take a deep breath of fresh air and where you can be sure to walk in the heart of a preserved nature. And we must not forget to discover the architecture of some of the most beautiful villages, such as Esterri d'Àneu, Isil and Espot.

The third destination is in the heart of the mountains and the rough waters of the Noguera Pallaresa. It is here, still in the county of Pallars Sobirà, that a large number of charming municipalities take place, where the inhabitants give a warm welcome to nature lovers, as is the case in Llavorsí. If the area is a delight for winter sports enthusiasts in the cold season, with attractive ski resorts such as Tavascan, the Pirineus-Noguera Pallaresa destination also offers the chance to spend time on the Noguera Pallaresa river, a playground for those who want to go whitewater rafting or kayaking in summer. It is worth noting that the county of Pallars Sobirà also offers access to the wonderful Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, as it straddles the border between Pallars Sobirà and Alta Ribagorça

Once you have had a good dose of nature, history and architecture, your appetite is bound to be whetted, and the restaurants of the Pyrenees and Terres de Lleida open their doors to offer a rich and varied native gastronomy. The new generations of cooks bring modernity while respecting a thousand-year-old culinary tradition. Dishes such as mountain trout, baked lamb shoulder with mushrooms and pig's trotters with prunes and oyster mushrooms are all dishes to be discovered during a pleasant family meal. After a long day of activities, everyone will enjoy returning to their accommodation for a little rest, and there is a wide range of accommodation in the Pyrenees and Terres de Lleida, with numerous hotels, campsites, rural lodges, refuges, hostels and tourist apartments. Everyone can choose the accommodation that suits them best

A very active tourism

Although the Pyrenees and the Terres de Lleida offer a setting for rest, the exceptional nature is also a great playground for lovers of active and sports tourism. In every season, you can take advantage of the landscape to practise different sports activities and get your muscles into action. In winter, the ski resorts of Espot in the Valls d'Àneu, Port Ainé in the Pirineus-Noguera Pallaresa and Boí Taüll in the Vall de Boí, which is the highest ski resort in Catalonia, offer abundant, high-quality snow for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

In the warmer seasons, the three certified "Mountain and nature in family" destinations are a delight for walkers. Whether you go to the Art Pirineu Natural Park or the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, the hiking trails allow you to enjoy a rich nature with steep walls and breathtaking views that you are sure to want to capture. You can also take the Pallars Sobirà paths, which offer a wide range of short routes suitable for families and which alternate between nature and ancient villages. Not forgetting the orientation routes, which, with the help of a map, allow you to explore the Vall de Boí and better understand its nature and heritage, with levels of difficulty to suit all walkers. For those who are particularly fond of parent-child outings by bike, the Valls d'Àneu mountain bike centre welcomes visitors to present the eleven routes that lead straight to the landscapes and villages of the Pyrenees. The routes are also suitable for all levels and allow everyone to enjoy an activity that is always appreciated by the defenders of ecotourism in the mountains. And it is difficult to talk about active tourism in the Pyrenees and Terres de Lleida without returning for a moment to the white water of the Noguera Pallaresa. The river is the ideal place to put on life jackets, helmets, grab the paddles and go for a good rafting session, strong sensations guaranteed! Or, if you want to introduce your children to rafting, you can go to the Rafting Parc de la Seu d'Urgell, which is an ideal place for children.

This park is one of the family tourism facilities that help make the Pyrenees and the Terres de Lleida an unmissable Catalan destination for families. There are also other places to enjoy, such as the Pyrenees Zoo in Odèn, a real sanctuary for wild animals in the area that need to be cared for. Here you can watch the amazing flight shows of birds of prey. Another park that offers memorable moments for children is La Manreana, a place dedicated to Catalan farming traditions, with orchards, native animals, horseback riding, farming techniques and fun, theatrical activities. And since animals are always a source of wonder for children, the House of the Pyrenean Brown Bear, located in Isil, is an excellent place to learn more about a captivating animal that is rarely seen. Finally, you cannot leave the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida without taking the time to look up at the sky at the Montsec Astronomical Park. Because the richness of the area is also due to the presence of this place, which has been certified as a Starlight Reserve and Tourist Destination, where you can observe the stars and planets in a pure and pollution-free sky.

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