The province of Panama is the richest and most populated region of the country. It is bordered by the provinces of Coclé in the West, Darién in the East, Colón and San Blas in the North and the Pacific Ocean in the South. Its tourist attractions are numerous, starting with the capital. In its surroundings, apart from the canal, the province has national parks, green islands, sandy beaches, and an eastern part which is less touristy but which offers great opportunities for adventure!

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Le Panama Jazz Festival a fêté ses 10 ans

10 years that this event invades the hearts of its festivals every year thanks to its sumptuous melodies. 10 years of improvement, sharing and music, this is a celebration. For this anniversary, a special and representative surprise took place. A parade with the help of mannequins recalled the first ten editions. The surprise was rich in colour and emotion. Each theme was illustrated and brought to perfection by each of the girls who were ...

Un brunch original au Riande Granada

Who said that our animals should be set aside? This is certainly not the opinion of Riande Granada Urban Hotel! The latter organizes a dog brunch for the second time on July 30 and all dogs are invited to attend. It is a beer garden in the hotel that is perfect for everyone. Artisanal beer, green, a relaxed atmosphere: everything is there for this original brunch to take place wonderfully. All of them will be able to spend a good time in ...

Le jour du Folklore se célebre partout dans le monde

On Tuesday, 22 August, World Folklore Day, it is important to remember that it is essential to perpetuate traditions, culture and beliefs so that everyone can enjoy his wonderful lessons according to each country. In Panama, the folklore was celebrated in advance thanks to the «Festival del Arte» but the Continental Hotel & Casino was held in this task and to inform this day via social networks. So remembering this day, everyone can ...