Taking a deep breath of fresh air in the midst of beautiful rural landscapes is a beautiful and gentle way to regain energy in the heart of summer. The Luxembourg Moselle, the natural border between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany, awaits visitors! You can walk through the orchards and vineyards, and take advantage of the Moselle to enjoy some water sports. The sky is blue, the summer temperatures are pleasant and there is even a small refreshing breeze that caresses our face. All the conditions are right for a trip along the Moselle, with a stop in some of the villages with character, where you can stroll around and enjoy a delicious ice cream. With its new adventurous activities, the Luxembourg Moselle offers the whole family the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary experiences this year. And by downloading the free LAUSCHTOUR-APP app or by taking a walk with a passionate guide, you can optimise your understanding of the riches, secrets, legends and interesting anecdotes about the region.

Enjoy the pleasures of being in natureIn

Luxembourg's Moselle region

, there are

no less than 70 walks on offer, which can be done for a day or a half-day. You can take advantage of the superb panoramic views of the Moselle valley and open your eyes wide to observe the exceptional fauna and flora. You can start by going to the Haff Réimech nature reserve and its ponds, a real birdwatching paradise for enthusiasts. The Manternacher Fiels nature reserve follows along the Syre valley, with numerous educational trails that allow you to enjoy the rural landscape, but also to learn about agriculture and beekeeping. Strombierg is another beautiful nature reserve with impressive beech forests, vineyards and a trail that explains the natural area around the small town of Schengen.

For wine tourism enthusiasts, the Luxembourg Moselle also invites you to walk the 42 km between Schengen and Wasserbillig, which takes you along magnificent river landscapes and includes stops in historic villages to meet passionate winegrowers. Sparkling Crémants, elegant Rieslings, full-bodied Pinot Noirs: the Moselle also knows how to seduce the palate.

The Moselle is a unique opportunity to get close to nature, and it is advisable to let yourself be guided through the rock formations, through the vineyards and along the wild orchid meadows by getting the new edition of the three-volume POCKETGUIDE series, which covers the many hiking trails.

Do you like cycling? Then you should not miss the "Vëlosummer

", which from 31 July to 29 August offers routes to discover the many facets of the Moselle. Safe paths for cyclists, but also a multitude of activities to be found along the way.

Summer swimming and water sportsThe

Moselle River, in addition to shaping the landscape and offering beautiful walks by the water in the Luxembourg Moselle, is also a playground for lovers of water sports. You can start by taking a trip on an electric boat from the charming town of Remich, with Wateradventures by Navitours. With family or friends, the electric boats allow you to sail independently and enjoy the pleasant and relaxing surroundings on the banks of the Moselle. Unless you prefer to try stand-up paddle, waterstepper or shark surfing bicycle, to experience other fun moments. And don't forget the panoramic and gourmet cruises, to enjoy the view with a glass of crémant in hand.

On the hottest days, the Luxembourg Moselle offers swimming in various settings. The large open-air pools in Remich and Grevenmacher are always full of life. Another alternative is a stopover at the bathing lake in Remerschen, which has beautiful sunny lawns, 3 beach volleyball courts and paddling pools with slides for the little ones. For the older ones, it's also time for a first dive!

Culture in the Moselle regionA

stay in the Moselle region of Luxembourg also means focusing on culture. You can learn more about the Schengen Agreement at the European Museum of the same name; dive into the heart of the era of aviation pioneers at the Aviation Museum in the thermal park of Mondorf-les-Bains; or be amazed by the European architecture of the Valentiny Foundation in Remerschen, which houses some of the artistic and architectural creations of François Valentiny. The seven museums in the region offer a wealth of cultural entertainment, including craft workshops, guided tours and lectures.

The youngest visitors are not to be outdone and appreciate the publication Schengen am Klengen

, which contains quizzes and riddles on the Schengen area, to explore its history in a playful way and understand why Schengen is considered the cradle of Europe.

After these moments of culture, don't forget to treat yourself to an ice cream from one of the many ice cream shops in the region.

Note that a discount booklet is available in one of the 6 tourist information points of the region, but also at the participating structures, in order to take advantage of the various tourist offers at the best rates

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