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Top 10 des idées séjours pour une escapade entre filles

For an unforgettable holiday with friends, a bachelorette party or a change from the usual family trips, there's nothing like organizing a girls' trip. Whether you're an old friend, a single woman, a recent graduate, an office colleague, a sister or cousin... there's no better excuse to spend a weekend or a few days relaxing in a female-only environment. Away from stress and family obligations, a trip with your girlfriends will allow you to ...

10 destinations pour des vacances petit budget !

Travelling doesn't have to mean going broke! There are plenty of possibilities to get away from it all, even on a small budget, including to faraway destinations: low-cost flights, off-season travel... It is also necessary to take into account the local budget: if the plane ticket is sometimes a little expensive, some cities and countries allow you to enjoy without spending too much (souvenirs, hotels, accommodation, restaurants, activities, ...

Où partir pour le jour de l'An ? Conseils et destinations

On New Year's Eve, do you dream about it? But where to go on New Year's Day? Here are some travel ideas to make your New Year's Eve unforgettable! Where to go on New Year's Day to spend the New Year in the sun? Spending New Year's Eve under the coconut palms is a great way to end the year in style and get back in colour at the same time! Rio is one of the sunny cities not to be missed on New Year's Eve. The party takes place ...

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