The region of the northern coast was named Costambar, more in the tourist environment than by the Dominicans themselves, Costa d'Ambre, because of its important deposits of fossilized resin.

From Santo Domingo, you get there by the Duarte autopista along the central cordillera. Throughout the journey, the view of the rolling hills and mountains is magnificent. From Santiago, we follow the road to the northwest. For motorists going to Sosua and Cabarete, we recommend taking the tourist road that from Santiago goes over the hills and allows you to discover beautiful country landscapes (carretera turistica, ask for the Axe building in Santiago as a landmark and take the road that starts at the foot of this building).

Historic tourist centre of the country, the north coast runs some 50 km of beaches and hotels, from Cofresi to Cabarete.

At the risk of repeating ourselves tirelessly, let's remember that the beaches are very beautiful, with white sand and turquoise waters. The coast, dotted with natural creeks and coral reefs, is fringed with tropical vegetation and dotted with coastal lagoons with cool, clear waters.

The northern region has a humid tropical climate, softened by winds from the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature is therefore very mild and the vegetation is dense and tropical. Moreover, the province of Puerto Plata produces sugar, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and sugar in abundance.

Introduced by Christopher Columbus as early as 1493, sugar cane was first cultivated in the north, which later became the country's main producing region. Numerous distilleries and a thriving dairy industry are now the two main economic resources of the region behind tourism, which remains the number one.

The opening in 1982 of the Gregorio Luperón International Airport, some 15 kilometres from Puerto Plata, obviously contributed greatly to this situation. Mass tourism has long been privileged at the expense of individual tourism and the Amber Coast has become the kingdom of todo incluido (all-inclusive), dear to busy and noisy groups. Great resorts are dotted all along the coast. However, the seaside resorts (Sosua, Cabarete, Rio San Juan...) have developed infrastructures that appeal to independent travellers, offering an alternative to mass tourism.

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