Top 5 castles to visit in Europe on Halloween

Contrary to what many of us believe, the origins of Halloween are well and truly European. It was the Celts who celebrated the god of death on New Year's Eve, October 31, during a night when ghosts visited the living. The festival became very important in the United States in the 19th century, when the Scots and Irish emigrated to North America. Although the celebration remains grand across the Atlantic, many European countries hold events where those who wish to do so dress up in their best spooky costume and celebrate. Among the places to be scared are castles. The legends of some castles make them the perfect place to get a good dose of thrills during a visit or a night out, while others prepare highlights to experience with family and friends. Here are 5 castles in Europe that are a must-see for Halloween.

1- Bran Castle, on the trail of Dracula in Romania

Bran Castle is located in Transylvania. The story goes that this beautiful medieval fortress is said to have been the home of Vlad Tepes Drăculea, better known as Count Dracula. It is even said that he was merciless with those who dared to question his power, and impaled them naked in the heart of the Transylvanian and Wallachian landscapes. The program of Dracula's castle should be consulted, because Halloween is the occasion to make a night walk inside the building. A word of advice: keep your eyes wide open as the various rooms, dungeons and passages are full of elements designed to turn any walk into a real nightmare

2- Crathes Castle, temple of the Green Lady in Scotland

Scotland is a land of myths and legends. And some don't hesitate to say that this nation is the most haunted in the world. So celebrating Halloween in the country is bound to have a little extra soul. During a day of Halloween celebrations around Aberdeen, you should take the time to visit Crathes Castle, an impressive fortress dating from the 16th century. In addition to its incredible architecture, the double tower, the oldest part of the castle, houses a room that will make many people shudder. This is the room of the Green Lady, a member of the Burnett family who was allegedly murdered with her baby by a man who did not want his affair with the woman to be known. That's when the apparitions of the woman and her child began. And he figures it's still going on...

3- The castle of Fougeret, kingdom of the paranormal in France

The most haunted castle in France is located in Queaux in the Vienne region. It is a building without much architectural pretension compared to other castles found in the country, but it is still a charming building to observe from the outside. It is in fact inside that everything is at stake. It is said that a multitude of paranormal phenomena occur there, various noises, apparitions, moving objects, etc. In this context, the current owners offer evenings with a medium to get in touch with the spirits, but also overnight stays. With the Halloween decorations in October, all the conditions are met to shiver without respite! So, who will dare to spend a night in one of the castle's rooms on October 31st?

4- Chillingham Castle, one of the most terrifying in England

Reaching the north of England at the end of October immediately puts you in the mood, especially when it's foggy. In Chillingham, in the northern part of Northumberland, a night at the castle is perfect for celebrating Halloween, at least for those who are brave enough! For if the castle is very elegant with its medieval architecture, its gardens, its adjoining forests and its elegantly decorated rooms, it is also known to be haunted by a dozen spirits, including the Blue Boy, who is said to emit a shrill cry in the middle of the night. At the very top of the castle is a very scary room: an attic where children were tortured, and it is not unusual to feel a presence there...

5- Frankenstein Castle, the scene of an unusual Halloween festival

Head for Germany and the town of Mühltal, south of Darmstadt, to visit Frankenstein Castle. If there are several castles in the area, this is the one to stop at on the occasion of Halloween. The monument hosts the Halloween-Burg-Festival, an event that takes place during the three weekends in October just before the inevitable 31st of October party. The building is covered in spooky decorations and zombies roam the grounds. Bloody dinners, horror shows, the only encounters you'll have at the castle are with witches, ghosts, vampires and werewolves.

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